Writing a script with mouse position commands

I’m trying to write some scripts that require some mouse position commands. Can you please provide me a couple sample scripts that have most position commands with a left click and a right-click?


The easiest way to create a mouse position/click command is to use VP’s Voice Shortcuts.

(Configure Voice Shortcuts > Add/Edit Place Mouse command.

To create a script, see the example in the sample.xml:

This will give you a left click. For a right click, use

For a double click, use

BTW, I created this “legacy” command format to give my own scripts backwards compatibility with the thousands of commands I had created with Dragon scripting. They run through our own scripting language, not Dragon’s scripting language or SDK. Therefore, results are not identical.

Thanks Ron.

I cannot get this command to run properly. It seems to do the mouse position and button click properly, but never does anything after that. What am I doing wrong?


>What am I doing wrong?

Nothing… Your script works for me.

But, I just tested by placing the cursor within WordPad and running the script.

Try renaming this. Maybe you already have a script by the same name.

Are other scripts working in the same xml file?

It seems to work inconsistently. I can get the mouse position commands to work well in other applications, so that’s a good start for me.