Working in word and needing Google

I often dictate from medical literature and find words or phrases that I need to find. It doesn’t appear that the command “definition search that” works in word. I think it only works in a search engine. Is that true? If not, anyone have any ideas how I can get to Google directly from word for definitions?

If not, is there any command that would place the cursor in the search menu in Google? I can copy the word or phrase as I need to find, use the show list command to get to Google but from there I have to use my hands.

As usual, much appreciated,



I just tested it out and it works perfectly in Microsoft Word 2010 64-bit.

Did you remember to select the text that you want to search on first? If not, simply saying “definition search that” doesn’t work on the last thing you said. You have to highlight it first. We don’t make assumptions about what it is that you’re searching for (i.e., the last utterance). You have to select the word or phrase that you want before issuing the command. That way, the command never misfires because it requires you to specifically indicate what word or phrase you’re searching for.

Let me know if you still have any problems with this. Also, remember that using VoiceComputer search commands (i.e., searching the web) pulls up the VoiceComputer browser, after which you find the number of the option you want to select and say “browser ##” where ##= the number associated with the webpage that you want to access.

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