Wireless headsets still not recording with new PC

As you all probably remember, on my previous laptop my headsets were not recognized so therefore I couldn’t use voice recognition. By the way, I’ve contacted the laptop manufacturer, Cyberpower, and found oot it is now longer under still under warranty. I did ask bout the problem. I will let you know what I find out.

I purchased a new PC. For about a week my SD Pro 1 worked great. So did my Andrea WNC 1500.Now, both are only recognized for playback. Device manager recognizes them and indicates both are working fine and I have made certain my drivers are updated.

My wired headsets, which I use through the line in on the soundcard work just fine.

Any thoughts?

Thanks so much and happy new year.


Sennheiser got back to me within a matter of minutes after I emailed it. Of course, I had disabled it. I’m dictating with the Sennheiser headset now. I am happier now than when I found 1/4 in the parking lot yesterday.

My excuse for being so stupid? Parents were siblings. Plus I put together a million model cars and airplanes as a kid. Sniffing glue ain’t good.




I had this problem with another client some time ago. He did what I think is the same thing that you did. You can disable a particular Recording device, but don't hide it. If you hide it, you won't see it in the Sound dialog. If You don't unhide it, disabled or otherwise, it won't show up.

Thanks, Chucker,

Much appreciated. I can’t wait to tell the local repair shop w.hat it actually was. It will be interesting to see if they offer to allow me to return the PC clearly didn’t need.

Happy New Year to you and yours.