Windows 8 metro Number taskbar command

This post is in response to an email from a user.
(Our users need to start using the user forum for questions about and issues with VoiceComputer and Chuck and I need to start using the forum to answer the email questions we get.)

However, the overlay doesn’t seem to function at all in Windows 8
metro apps.

The overlay should work with Windows 8, maybe you need to configure VoiceComputer for Windows 8 to use the overlay commands with it. However, you shouldn’t need the overlay with the Metro, just use the “show Metro” command. (Enable Windows 8 commands by saying “configure VoiceComputer”, “2 open”, configuring for Windows 8 and restarting VoiceComputer (“Shutdown VoiceComputer” and follow the prompts.)

Is there a simple way of showing numbers on the taskbar with VoiceComputer?

Yes, use the “Number Taskbar” command. This was designed for Windows 7 but it should work in Windows 8 with the most recent release. (BTW, we will be releasing version 12.78.1 on Monday.)

I prefer the “Show Open Windows” command. Once I issue this command, I position the show Open Windows list on my second monitor so that it is out-of-the-way and then I use the list to switch between and position my applications on my monitors.