Windows 10 version 2004 focus problems

Both me and my programmer are experiencing application focus problems in the recent Windows 10 2004 upgrade. Frequently applications that we launch with Dragon appear behind the active window. I.e. they don’t come to the front. Instead the window name is blinking in the taskbar.
We suspect that something has changed in the way Windows determines the Z order of the currently active window (which application is on top) in this Windows version.

Is anybody else experiencing this?

Also, on my own computer I found that right after the upgrade Dragon no longer highlighted folders/files in Explorer when calling only part of the name. I needed to speak to the full name including the extension (exe,mp4, doc etc.). That last problem appeared to have vanished after completely reinstalling Dragon but users who experience this problem won’t be very happy with that…

I’m hestitant to upgrade. A tech I know upgraded and had all sorts of issues. For example, he lost his Outlook contacts. He then rebuilt his system using Windows 10 2004. Everything’s working and he’s not experiening any focus problems.
Try uninstalling Dragon (use Revo Uninstaller or equivalent, it’s better than the Remover tool) and reinstalling.

Yes, I should probably do a completely clean install (after formatting my drive) with the Windows 10 2004 ISO. But that’s going to cost me a whole bunch of activations of software I frequently use.

I think it’s unavoidable that people will run into problems with so many Windows 10 updates/upgrades (constantly overwriting system files) all the time. It just never stops.

However, I understand that Microsoft will slow down with the upgrades somewhat after this one due to the fact that so many people are working at home in these Corona times and system stability has become a core factor.

Upgrade to 2004 caused a BSOD on a very new computer. I was able to reinstall Windows but I lost all of my installed programs in the process. I was able to recover my data but I had to spend a considerable time reinstalling programs to get things working again. Now Windows Update blocks 2004 for now. Cost of lost of business time was £1,000.

Thank you, Ron, for getting new forum working. It is a very long time since I have been able to post. I have no difficulty here dictating directly into the message box.