Windows 10 on Mac Parallels

I’m using VC on Mac Parallels with Windows 10. It is working fine, but I haven’t tried everything.

One caveat. The install files must be installed from the [C] Windows xx drive or it will not work. The shared drives won’t find the .Net files. I created a VC folder on the C: drive within Windows, moved the install folder there and it installed without a hitch.

So far, so good.

jimwalton72015-04-09 11:50:49

The reason for your caveat is because you're running it on a Mac.

I install VoiceComputer on only PCs and I can install it from any drive on my systems (i.e., all four of them using Windows 8.1, Windows 7, or Windows 10).

Your problem with the install has to do with the way that the Mac works.
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That’s why I put the caveat there. In case others may be wanting to try it on the Mac with Parallels.

Chucker2015-05-11 08:28:18


My apology. I left out the fact that I was going to tell you that I appreciated what you had to say. My original intention was to simply to emphasize for those to whom your post was directed that it was a Mac issue, but I left out acknowledgment of your contribution.

I appreciate the information because, although we don’t have very many Mac users using Dragon and VoiceComputer, it is still helpful information for all.