window sizing problem

I have noticed that when VoicePower opens with the main menu on start up other open windows resize and do not return to their original settings after minimising the main menu.

This doesn’t happen every time.
I am opening using a ultility that first opens KnowBrainer and DNS and then VoicePower.
Also when I open VP from minimised if fills the whole screen and overlays any open window.
I will monitor this to see when it occurs.

jomark2011-08-01 06:08:30


That’s normal Windows behavior. Once the status of an open window is changed (resized), Windows does not automatically resize the previous window. However, once you minimize the VoicePower Main Menu, or you close it, the focus should be on your resized window. Simply say “make window wider” or “make window bigger”. If you want the window to take up the entire screen, simply say “maximize window” (Dragon command). Ron could probably adjust this. However, once a particular window has been resized, it’s next to impossible for Windows or VoicePower to determine what the previous window size was. That is, there’s no reference stored in memory after a window is resized.

If you open VoicePower help window that was minimized, some of the VoicePower help windows will automatically open maximized. The VoicePower Main Menu is one of these. Simply say “resize window” and the Main Menu or whatever window is opened in full-screen will reposition itself to the right. Keep in mind that this command only works on VoicePower windows, or when a VoicePower help window is open alongside of any other window.

Also, when you resize a VoicePower help window, it will resize itself, positioning it and any other window side-by-side. Hence, your back to the first problem, so keep this in mind.

Regardless, we are aware of this behavior, but I will let Ron give you more specifics on what and why.

With the latest version of VoicePower, you can use the utility the launch KnowBrainer and Dragon first and then launch VoicePower. however, it in mind that the new startup utility is much more efficient and you can always start KnowBrainer afterwards. just keep in mind that whatever method you decide to continue using, remember that if Dragon is hooked to anything when you attempt to close it, whether that be KnowBrainer or VoicePower, Dragon will not close.

Chucker2011-08-01 07:29:11