Why no responses?

Chuck, Ron,

I have noticed that the last several questions/post that I entered, as well as some by other people, have not been answered. I don’t mean to complain, but it’s really hard to work with a product if you can’t get answers to support questions.

Should I be e-mailing directly instead of using the forum to post questions?



Again, my apologies. We had a problem with our domain server and I normally get prompted in my e-mail when a new post is entered on the forum. I didn’t and I’ve been busy trying to fix a problem with my system over the last couple of days.

I responded to your VP error post, so please review that.

Thanks Chuck. I can definitely appreciate technical issues, especially with domain servers lately. I had a back-and-forth problem for about three weeks trying to transfer a domain from one owner to myself and from one host to a different one. Troublesome indeed!