Why are the corrections rubbish?

I have a new profile using the best match IV because Best Match V takes too long after issuing a command. In order to train it I am trying some dictation which produces quite a large number of errors. When I try to correct the mistakes Dragon just tries to insert rubbish.

For example, I dictated ‘When the ant slowly…’ but DNS inserted ‘When
the aunt slowly…’. Selecting that text to correct it and dictating the correct phrase in the correction box produced the text ‘13&cl’, and any other corrections I make give similar rubbish results. The only way I can make corrections is to type them in, which rather defeats the purpose of DNS.
What is going on? I have DNS Premium 12 64bit with VoiceComputer Ultimate 64bit running on Win7 Pro 64 bit.
PS, I have just checked using the Best Match V profile and that produces rubbish results as well. And if I shut down VoiceComputer the results are still rubbish, so it looks as if the problem is with Dragon.
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I thought I originally answered this question for you on the KnowBrainer website. Regardless, I thought I would give you an answer here anyway.

The basic answer is that you cannot dictate into the Spelling window. It doesn’t accept dictation. In the text field at the top of the Spelling window where the original utterance is displayed, you can only either type in corrections manually or spell them character by character. You cannot dictate because the Spelling window puts you in spell mode underneath it.

Thanks Chuck,

I did think of posting to this message saying that the clue was in the word ‘spelling’, which I missed, but thanks again.