Where is VC microphone in 13.5.73

I seem to of lost the voice computer microphone. I configured it to say I wanted it to open to the start menu. However, it is not in the start menu itself nor is it under the voice computer menu and start up.

Is it on vacation?



The microphone magically appeared today after I had to restart the computer. It appears there are bad electrons as well as good electrons. Now I just have to remember who discovered electrons (I think he was either English or Scottish. James Maxwell perhaps? Chucker will know. I think he even knows who killed Jimmy Hoffa.)




I think that it was the British physicist, J J Thomson, who should probably be credited with the discovery of electrons in 1896.

Once you have chosen to have the VC microphone appear at start-up it should be there after you re-boot your computer for the first time, but then not everything which should happen does, which is why I am not famous throughout the world.


Many thanks, Viv,

I know you did not have to Google it. For several years I have been reading physics, including quantum mechanics, with such a poor mathematical background that I did not even qualify to understand “Quantum Mechanics for Dummies.” Rather hurtful. I do it to exercise my brain. Clearly it has not helped my memory.



Viv is correct. The discovery of the electron is attributed to JJ Thompson while studying the properties of matter in cathode rays (CRTs – Cathode Ray Tubes). However, the discovery date was actually 1897.

Back to your original issue, the VC microphone should be in the Windows Startup folder. If it is, and it’s not showing up immediately after installing a new version of VoiceComputer, go to the location of the VC microphone and look at the VCmic_utility.exe and create a shortcut for it on the desktop. From that point on you keep that shortcut on the desktop and you always reinstall VoiceComputer to the same location every time you install a new version, then you can always click on the VC microphone utility icon and it will close and reopen the VoiceComputer microphone. This is handy whenever the VC microphone fails to respond.

Also, keep in mind that there are times when the VoiceComputer microphone may not respond because an application has to have focus for such to occur.

For example, if you’re dictating into the KnowBrainer form reply box and the cursor is not flashing, mouse click in that text edit box and the VoiceComputer microphone should then respond. I have discovered that this is the only time where the VoiceComputer microphone may not respond. That is, somehow focus is lost and you must reestablish it in ordered for the VC microphone to work properly.