When VoiceComputer starts Dragon, can it load a sp

I need at least two user profiles for Dragon. Can I set VoiceComputer to open one of them?

(similar to using Dragon's Quickstart with the user switch)


VoiceComputer is designed such that it checks the last used Dragon user profile and automatically loads that profile on VoiceComputer startup.

You can have multiple user profiles for Dragon. If you want to change profiles (switch to a different profile), simply do the following:

1. Say "open user profile".

2. In the open user profile dialog, simply select the user profile that you want to switch to. Then, click on or say "Open".

3. The user profile that you have selected will open and initialize.

It isn't necessary to Restart or Shutdown speech. In fact, that won't work anyway because VoiceComputer will restart loading the same user profile that you were using initially.

Simply change profiles while VoiceComputer is loaded and the profile that you select will be opened with no impact on VoiceComputer. Once the user profile that you have selected to switch to has initialized, simply continue to use VoiceComputer. We designed it to do this (allow this) without having to manipulate VoiceComputer.

The only thing that you have to remember is that if you want VoiceComputer to launch with a specific user profile, you must make sure that you change back to that profile using the above process before you shutdown or restart VoiceComputer.

In other words, we made this a simple process so that you can switch user profiles without having to worry about VoiceComputer.

Thanks again, Chuck.

Yep, that's just the way it works. This time I waited instead of getting click-happy.

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