Whatsapp not showing numbers

Hi there! I love this program so much, it’s helped me immensely! I use WhatsApp for work to communicate with colleagues, and when I first got Voice Computer it numbered all the messages I had to the left of my screen, so I could just say a number to click on a person’s name and it would take me to the conversation with them. Now it barely numbers any parts of the WhatsApp application. Does anyone have any suggestions?

WhatsApp must’ve changed their coding. We’ll look into this.

What version of VC are you using?

Oh that’s great news! VC Lite, 2020 3.0.2

I’m running with the 2021 version of Voicecomputer, and running the latest WhatsApp version and am having no problem at all with tagging all controls.

Oh I see! I would love to use my 2020 version if possible…:crossed_fingers:

Close Dragon/VoiceComputer and run our Reconfigure VoiceComputer utility (Windows Search).
This resets all of our command lists to their default.
Since our Intags worked with WhatsApp before, they should work after the reset. (Unless WhatsApp changed their coding.)

Oh bummer, it doesn’t work! Would it help if I installed a previous version of whatsapp?

I have bad news and good news.
The bad – I just reinstalled my version 2020, and with WhatsApp, it was very hit and miss. I was able to control menus, but not able to “click” on the various contacts/calls/messages.

I’m using the desktop Version 2.2126.15 of WhatsApp. I can’t speak to the older versions of WhatsApp. It’s hard to say whether they would work or not. My guess would be not. Plus you would also lose the security updates provided in later WhatsApp.

The good news – like I mentioned earlier, version 2021, that will be released soon, works fine. I know that’s not good news for you per se.

Well not the worst news! Thank you for looking into it :slight_smile: I’ll wait for the next version I suppose!

If the numbers aren’t working perfectly, then you can use An over lay to add your own numbers.