What is the actual size of the set up.exe

For version .80 mine is 1,103,419 KB.




I responded to your private message. Everything should be clear if you read that carefully.

For the sake of anyone else who is curious about file sizes for the most current release, here is the post that I sent to you in your private message.

Assuming that you’re downloading the 64-bit version, the zip file size is 1,180,235,364 bytes give or take a few. Either you have attempted to install the wrong version or it is corrupted or didn’t completely download. Therefore, you probably need to re-download it.

The correct size of the VC64_Setup.exe is 1,129,901,000 bytes give or take a few.

The reason that sizes differ is dependent upon your system and your hard drive, as well as what you’re viewing them in. Regardless, they should all be approximately what I point out above and, if not, then something’s wrong as noted.

Here’s how you should structure your downloads for VoiceComputer:

1. If you can, use a secondary drive (HDD or SSD). Do not use a thumb drive if you do not have a USB 3.0 connection and a USB 3.0 Thumb Drive. Also, don’t use a thumb drive if you’re ISP broadband download is slower than one megabyte/second, or 100 Megabits/second. My Internet connection has download speeds as much as 10 megabytes or 1000 megabits per second, which simply means that VoiceComputer downloads in 56 seconds or better.
2. If you don’t have a secondary drive or a fast broadband ISP, then create a folder and name it VC64 on your primary hard drive. You can always move it later but you want the fastest hard drive speed if you’re broadband connection is slower than mine. You can create a folder on your desktop if you want, but make sure when you save the file that you save it to that folder so that you can check the size of the zip archive file and the extracted file noted above and verify that they are close to what I posted above.
3. If everything is correct and the file sizes are valid, you can move that folder to a secondary drive or thumb drive, but before you delete that folder from your primary drive, install VoiceComputer from there.

Let me know if you continue to have problems. Also, if you want to check and see if you have the correct version once you get it installed, go to the Windows Control Panel | Programs and Features | VoiceComputer 64-bit or VoiceComputer 32-bit depending upon whichever one you’re using and you should see the version number there as being Note that the show VoiceComputer version will not show the .03. You can only get that from the control panel.

Chucker2015-07-28 10:27:31

Problem had to be I have .80 up and running and have already used the new automatic Intag feature. Very cool!

Thanks, Chucker.

Much appreciated,