We are pleased to announce VoiceComputer 12.54

(Almost) Everything is Now Accessible!

We have made major improvements to VoiceComputer over the last year, both in terms of ease of use and in accessibility.

Our mission? To make every element of your computer accessible and make everything work together so that hands-free voice computing is easy to use and highly productive.

Recent Features

Show Numbers
Our ‘Show Numbers’ commands are twice as fast as other Show Numbers commands because ours are the only Show Numbers commands that include a 'follow’ command that automatically reopens the numbers display as you drill down through menus. Further, our Show Numbers commands give you far more control than any other product.

Super Numbers
Our exclusive Super Numbers lets you quickly make any screen accessible. Now you can access previously inaccessible links, controls and any other screen location by just saying a number. Quick to use, easier than a mouse.

Show Chrome Numbers
Our exclusive Show Chrome Numbers (SCN) commands lets you access Chrome and websites and intranet sites that were previously inaccessible. In fact, we can customize SCN to make any website, Intranet site or web app easily and completely accessible.
Note: This release does not include VoiceComputer's Google Chrome extension. The extension will be available on the Google Store at the end of September and will be free to all VoiceComputer customers. To request your copy, send us an email and we will send you a link to our extension as soon as it's available.

More? Visit our website at http://www.voicecomputer.com

Upgrades are $99. But we have a discounted price of $69. for student/ home users. You can purchase upgrades from our store at: http://voiceteach.myshopify.com/

Technology guarantee: You will receive free downloads for a year after your purchase, or for the life cycle of Dragon NaturallySpeaking 12, whichever is longer.

Note: This release requires .NET Framework 4.0. It works with corporate and government computers running Windows XP. However, we do NOT recommend this release for older XP machines.

Please give your friends and co-workers a copy of VoiceComputer so they can try it out. Have them send us an email requesting a serial number for a 10-day trial.

And lastly, please join our user forum and give us feedback and suggestions for future releases.

Thanks for your support of our goal of fast and complete hands-free accessibility.

Ron Katsuranis

Don’t mean to be a dunce, but I can’t seem to find the Chrome extension. Is it in the Google Store? If so, what exactly is it called?

The extension is a Beta on the Google store.

The only way to get it is to email me a Gmail account and I’ll send you a link to it on Saturday or Sunday, as soon as we have our new release of VoiceComputer, which we’re currently testing.

If you want to test our beta, let me know and I’ll send you a link to it tomorrow.