Wait for Windows10?

Should I hold off upgrading to Windows10?

The new versions of Dragon and VoiceComputer 14 support it. (We’ll release VC 14 this week.)

We’re upgrading our Windows 8 machines to Windows 10 (and it’s been easy, so far.)

No plans to upgrade Windows 7. If it ain’t broke…

Chuck, do you have an opinion?


If you haven't yet upgraded to Dragon Professional Individual 14, then I would hold off going to Windows 10. DNS 13 works OK with Windows 10, but it's not fully compliant. It's not a question of compatibility is a question of being compliant with the new features in Windows 10.


Since I value your opinion so much, and the fact you brought up Dragon 14, since I do not use the roaming feature, I suspect I should not upgrade to the Dragon DPI?



I am using Dragon 13 Pro


<p>Dragon Professional Individual supports everything that is in DNS 13 Professional except for:</p>

<font face="Arial"><p>1.  Networking (being able to install Dragon on Citrix and/or using RDP and run it from there). This is not supported DPI.</p>

<p>2.  Roaming users – not supported.</p>

<p>3.  Data Distribution Tool – not supported.</p>

</font><p>Otherwise, if you don't use any of these features, there is no reason for not upgrading to DPI. Works fine on both Windows 7 and Windows 10, and include support for Microsoft Office 2016 and some of the Windows 10 features if you're using Windows 10 (i.e., Natural Language Commands unique to Windows 10).</p>

<p>Keep in mind that after September 30th, which is coming up very quickly, the upgrade cost will go to $150. I don't know if KnowBrainer is going to be able to (legally) provide the $99 upgrade after September 30th. Nuance may shut that down. Nevertheless, you'll have to check with him.</p>

As usual, much appreciated, Chucker.

Since I don’t use any the enumerated items I will just stay put for now.

Still using Windows 7 and Office 13.

Thanks and enjoy the rest of your weekend.



<font face="Arial"><p>I can appreciate your wanting to stay put for now, but your reasoning doesn't make any sense.</p>

<p>First, after the 30th, unless KnowBrainer extends the special upgrade offer, it doesn't make sense not to get DPI because that offer goes away. At least as far as Nuance is concerned, after the 30th of this month, your cost to upgrade to Dragon Professional Individual 14 will cost you $150.</p>

<p>Second, given that you don't use any of those features that have been removed, and for all practical purposes considering such, DPI and DNS 13 Professional are essentially identical in terms of performance and accuracy. In short, it doesn't make sense not to upgrade to Dragon Professional Individual. Only those users of DNS 13 Professional who need the roaming users, the networking capabilities, or the Data Distribution Tool should consider waiting for Dragon Professional Group.</p>

<p>Third, there are some very nice interface changes in DPI that are worth having, including the revisions that have been made to how you can use the transcription capabilities (audio files). Are you aware of the fact that you can now take an audio file recorded by someone other than yourself and train Dragon to create a profile using one of their recordings. Granted, this is something that you may not need or want, but there are other very nice changes to the user interface that are better than you find in DNS 13 Professional.</p>

<p>The long and the short of it is that you should be careful that you don't shoot yourself in the foot.</p></font>


When you give me advise I follow the “So it has bee written, so shall it be done” command. I will order from Lunis today.