VP List Shows Duplicate Numbers

When I open VP list, I am seeing double entries in the VP list for all open windows. I am running applications across 2 monitors (in other words, I am using a dual monitor configuration.) And just for the sake of redundancy, I’ll repeat: each application is listed twice with individual numbers identifying them. I am providing the screen shot.

Can someone explain why this is?

My equipment is:

 Acer Veriton M4620G Desktop
 core i7 3770 processor 8 MB cache
 8 GB RAM 1330 mHZ
 500 GB hard drive 7200 RPM
 Intel HD graphics 4000 (onboard graphics chip)
 Dual AOC SGA monitors 1950 x 768
 Realtek HD Audio Manager
 generic Dragon microphone 10 years old (I'll fix that)


 Windows 7 professional 64 bit (build 7601 service pack 1)
 Dragon NaturallySpeaking premium version 12.5
 Voice Computer 12.40



Your screenshot did not come through. Try adding it as a file or send it to me at chuck@voiceteach.com. We need to see it in order to understand what you’re talking about.

I don’t seem to be able to duplicate your problem.Chucker2013-05-21 11:55:54