VP file deletion

I have 4.4GB of VoicePower files on my hard disk (94 folders, 716 files). I have installed several different versions over time. Can you advise me on which files are safe to delete?

Thank you.


The only way that you can have 4.4 GB of VoicePowerâ„¢ files is if you have never deleted any of the automatic backup files (VoicePower.bk#where #= the number assigned to each automatic backup.

The only file that you need to keep is the current one (i.e., VoicePower). Any of the files that end in the extension bk1, bk2, etc. Lou can delete. VoicePowerâ„¢ only uses one folder and that is the "VoicePower" folder (no extension).

If you're not clear on this, just let me know.

Edit: in a discussion that I had with Ron, he brought up a good point. I had assumed that because you were talking about 96 folders that these might have been the backup folders (automatic backup) . However, he suggested that it might be the downloaded VoicePower application files and folders. That is, if you have upgraded VoicePower several times, each version of VoicePower is about 1 GB in size. I think that I got it right the first time, but in order to be clear I need to know the names of these folders. That will tell me whether or not these are the automatic backup folders or VoicePower version download folders. At any rate, let me know the folder names and contents so that we can be sure that we've given you the right explanation and suggestions.

.Chucker2012-07-25 11:41:15