VP error message

I’m having a bad Dragon day. What does the following mean? I got it when I said “Start Word”.


My apologies for not responding to this. We had some problems with the domain server. I normally get an e-mail indicating that a new post has been added. I didn’t for this one.

First, can you attach a copy of your VP error log? It would help to see the entire error.

Second, is this a persistent error. That is, does it occur every time or did it only occur once?

The error occurred while attempting to retrieve clipboard data. Not sure why because I’d never seen this error before. It’s possible that it’s simply a one time issue.

Also, attach a copy of your Dragon log. If you have a problem attaching either of the VP error log or the Dragon log, send them both to me via e-mail.

Again, I apologize for letting the forum slide.

Hi Chuck,

My Dragon log restarted today, so I don’t have anything from the 17th. I have the VoicePower error log, so I will send that to you in an e-mail.

The error occurred every time I tried to start Word on that day, or at least it has not occurred since I shut down the computer that day.



Ron and I discussed this and we both concluded that there may have been something stored in the clipboard that VoicePower couldn’t access. For example, a large image or picture, perhaps something from Photoshop or one of the Adobe products that VoicePower doesn’t handle.

From what you’re saying, it appears that once you shut down the system and restarted (rebooted) the clipboard memory was cleared.

It hasn’t occurred again, so I’ll just chalk it up to the DNS gremlins.


With some of these VoicePower errors, this is the way that I look at it. I’ll let it occur once and if it doesn’t recur, GREMLINS!!! That is, something executed to quickly or there was an issue that was temporary and generated the error, as we believe was the case as far as your error.

Nevertheless, Ron has indicated that he will look at this and see if he can’t trap it better.