VoicePower issues with Vista speech recognition

Some issues I've noticed in using VoicePower Ultimate with Windows Vista Speech Recognition (WSR):

-the paging and scrolling commands ("Computer Page Down," "Computer Scroll Down," etc.) do not work. Rather than paging/scrolling continuously, the machine just pages/scrolls once. I think this is because the commands are prefaced with the word "computer," which tells WSR that the next utterance is a command, as opposed to text to be typed. When it hears "computer page down," it thinks you are telling it that you want it to press the page down key one time.

-when you display the screen grid, you cannot simply say the mouse coordinates to move the mouse. You have to preface them with "mouse," as though the grid was not showing. Also, if you say "Click [coordinates] continue," to keep the mouse grid on the screen, the mouse does not move to the coordinates you specify.

-the task list does not show all open programs. For example, I have both Notepad and Windows Mail running right now, and neither appears in the list. Also, both the task list and the "my documents" windows are sometimes cut off at the bottom of the screen; they begin in the middle of the screen and extend off the bottom. I am using two monitors; I wonder if that could be part of the problem?

Great feedback.
I've noticed the problem with the scrolling commands and will be fixing this soon. Will check out your other issues.