VoicePower copy and paste commands

Just FYI to anyone using VoicePower in Windows 7.

There are three copy and paste commands in VoicePower:

1. Paste selection here

2. Copy selection here

3. Select text to copy

These all work fine in windows XP. However, in Windows 7 these commands use WordPad to store the information from the client window (i.e., Internet Explorer or whatever window is on the right). In windows XP and Windows 7#1 works fine. However, #2 and #3 only work in windows XP. Since all the commands use WordPad, in Windows 7 the way the commands are structured, #2 and #3 need to change the font size, for reasons that I won’t go into at this point, and the command to do so does not properly access the font size settings. As a result, attempting to use #2 or #3 in Windows 7 will result in an error, after which you have to say “stop copying” to clear out everything.

We know what the problem is and are in the process of correcting such. Since #1 does not use the font sizing in WordPad (i.e., it simply accepts the default Calibri 11 points), this command works properly. We suggest that you use it for the time being until we are able to correct the problem with the other two commands.

Does VP or WSR have a command to copy next/previous x words (i.e. not having to select next x words and then copy)?, I couldn’t find it and various guessing attempts failed.


emiliaserv2010-04-18 02:31:03


No it doesn’t.

We hope to release a major update within a week or so. Once we do this, we’re going to work on fine tuning - fixing every little issue and adding dozens of macros.

Make a list of commands you’d like to see, and we’ll work on them within the next month.