VoicePower copy and paste commands

Hi to all,

One of the things that I want to start doing is posting tips and tricks with regard to VoicePower 11.5.1 both now and as we go along to new versions.

The first step that I would like to share with everyone is relative to the revisions that have been made to the copy and paste commands.

As everybody should know these commands are now part of one of our patents and have been revised in the latest version to provide some unique features not available in either Dragon NaturallySpeaking or any other third-party add-on/scripting language.

Just to refresh everybody’s memory there are three select and copy/paste commands:

1. Select texttocopy

2. Copy selection here

3. Paste selection here

With these three commands you can select and copy text from anywhere to anywhere.

With Select texttocopy, you can select text by voice from any active window (text selectable), including searchable PDF documents and paste it into any other text window. In addition, there are some new commands that allow you to paste the text directly into Microsoft Word, notepad, WordPad, and Corel WordPerfect by simply saying "copy to after you have selected the text wish VoicePower to copy. For example, you can say “select texttocopy”, then say "select through ", where text can be a word or phrase selected to ensure that you include all the text you wish to select, then say “copy to notepad”, or “copy to Microsoft Word”, etc. VoicePower will open that application and paste the text into it. Unfortunately, you cannot do this with either Dragon pad with the Dictation Box as these applications must be opened before you paste the text. However, for any application window that will not open using this command, you can use the second command in the list.

With “copy selection here” you simply open the application window that you wish to copy and paste any text to on the left of your screen and the application from which you wish to select, copy, and paste text open on the right side of your screen. With the active cursor (flashing cursor) in the text window to which you wish to paste the text that you intend to select and copy, simply say “copy selection here”. All the text will be highlighted (selected) in the screen to the right and stored in a temporary window (invisible). You can then say "select through and the text that you select will be automatically copied and pasted into your active document window on the left. The document window on the left is called the “master”. The document window on the right is called the “client”. It’s important to keep in mind that when you use the “copy selection here” command, you must select text by voice. You cannot use the mouse or the keyboard because in this command using the mouse or the keyboard will, in effect, cancel the command (i.e., it will not work afterwards). Also, if the command does not appear to be able to select the text, which will show up in the results box surrounded by a blue border because it is a command (in both DNS 10-10.1 and DNS 11), this can be due to either incorrectly selecting the text or because VoicePower cannot find and include the last punctuation mark at the end of your selection. This is rare, but it does occur from time to time. In the first case, just reselected text by voice making sure that the text that you select is correct. In the second case, simply eliminate the last punctuation mark from your selection. In addition, you may find that if you inadvertently use the mouse or keyboard during this command execution, that any window that you open afterwards may be forced to the background in hidden behind one or more of your application windows. in this case, simply close all windows and reopen them. One final point with regard to this command, if you want to select all the text in the “client” window, simply say “select all”.

This command also has an advantage over any other application as part of our patented technology. That is, in DNS Preferred (10-10.1) and DNS 10 & 11 Professional, Legal, and DNS 11 Premium, you can select, copy, and paste automatically into the open Dragon Dictation Box Dictation Box by voice. You cannot do this with Dragon NaturallySpeaking either by voice or manually, nor can you do it with any other application (e.g., Vocola, KnowBrainer, etc.). As most of you are well aware, you can often lose text that you have dictated in various forums and other Internet applications if you inadvertently switch away from the window into which you are dictating. This capability allows you to specifically continue to select text from the “client” window into the dictation box regardless of where the text is located. All you have to remember is that moving through the “client” window must be done by voice command using the page up or page down commands. Therefore, you can make very effective use of the Dragon Dictation Box to select, copy, and paste automatically specific text anywhere in the “client” window and specifically limit what you copy to the text that you want or need. The advantage is that you can continue to move up and down through the “client” window and select additional text as many times as you need to in order to get all the specific text that you want. This is an extremely powerful feature that is only available in VoicePower. This also precludes losing any of your text that you have copied as long as you remember to set the Dictation Box settings to "Keep dictation in clipboard when the Dictation Box is closed. In short, this capability allows you to use the Dictation Box without having to constantly transfer the text to the clipboard in order to be able to select additional text or select specific sections of text from your “client window”. Further, this command also works in searchable PDF documents, which can only be done manually using Dragon NaturallySpeaking or any other application, such as KnowBrainer or Vocola.

The last command, “paste selection here” has several unique features:

1. You can select text by voice or you can select text manually using the mouse without canceling the command because "paste selection here “client” window and opens it up in a visible WordPad document.

2. “paste selection here” is a special select, copy, and paste commands that allows you to view all of the text in the “client” window, scroll up and down through it either by voice or manually using the mouse/keyboard and includes all the text including special headings, formatting, etc. It is useful, but only where the other two commands are limiting in terms of reviewing text. The first two commands are the most powerful. Nevertheless, the “paste selection here” command also automatically copies the selected text and paste it into your “master” window in a single command.

If you have difficulty with any of these commands and you need help, please describe in detail the problem that you’re experiencing and we will be glad to explain and/or help you in getting these commands to work properly for you. Sometimes it takes a little practice. One of the things that I recommend is that you be sure of the text that you want to select and repeat it silently to yourself so that you are sure of what you’re going to say before you select the text. This will help you more clearly formulate what you need to say in order to select the text that you want. Most mistakes that VoicePower users make in this regard are related to not formulating what they want to say in their head before saying it and therefore say the selection of text incorrectly. In other words, you must precisely say the exact text from start to finish in order to get VoicePower’s copy and paste commands to correctly selected text that you want.

I hope that you find these commands useful and as powerful as we do. I use these consistently, especially on the other forums and with the Dictation Box. However, you can use them with any “master window”.

POSTSCRIPT: I made an error with regard to working with the Dragon Dictation Box. Unfortunately, you can’t scroll the “client” window either manually or by voice command as long as the dictation box is open. You can only do this with the Medical version Dictation Box and only currently in DNS 10-10.1 Medical. In the other versions of DNS, you are restricted to copying and pasting as noted above only from the current visible text. In such cases, I would recommend using notepad, WordPad, DragonPad, or Microsoft Word, which would allow you to scroll the “client” window by voice. On the other hand, even though you can’t scroll the “client” window with the Dictation Box open, you can use the command to “select all” and edit in the Dictation Box to remove any text that you don’t want. However, be advised that if you choose to do this, it may end up being tedious process even though VoicePower only copies text because it copies all the text from a particular window, which simply means that you may get text you don’t want and it may be somewhat tedious to select and delete all of that which you do not want. Regardless, experiment with it and let us know if there’s anything that we can do to add to or improve on these select, copy, and paste commands in VoicePower.
Chucker2011-06-13 07:49:01