voicepower configuration and customization

I am using DNS 11.5 Professional with VoicePower (I just updated it when you emailed us to after 11.5 was released as an upgrade from 11.0)<div =“ugdv_contextMenu” id=“ugdv_myMenu” style="display: none; ">

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  • <li =“ugdv_seperator”>
  • Download file
  • Copy link address
  • Edit PDF File on PDFescape.com
I can not use several aspects of the program. No Demo’s work. No configuration works. I can’t make any of the commands such as to show a specific website.
Configure Voicepower is in Italics and does not link. I went to try to find the files and still could not find them.
I am using DNS with no problems but had wanted to configure some of the commands you have. I also have 2 monitors and want to keep voicepower on my secondary monitor but from what it looks like, Voicepower must be configured and that menu does not work- unless I am wrong about that one.

I hope you can help me. I got the 2nd monitor partly so I can use your commands and have room to read them and learn as I use them. I want to use DNS a lot more than I do right now and the reason I don’t use it that much is I have yet to learn.



Please read your private message from me.

In the interim, what version of VoicePower are you using? Say "show VoicePower version".

What version of Windows are you using?