Voicepower and DNS11

Will the current version of Voicepower work with DNS11 or is there a new version in the offing?


Now that DNS 11 has released and I can talk about it, the current version of VoicePower will not work with DNS 11 because of some changes made to the way DNS 11 works. However, we are currently sanding off the rough edges on the DNS 11 release and we will notify everybody ASAP.Chucker2010-08-15 18:32:12

Hello Chucker:

I think there was a recent update to VoicePower for Dragon version 11, wasn’t there?

I downloaded something recently.




Sent you a private message. When you have VoicePower loaded, say “Show VoicePower version” and let me know what version of VoicePower you currently have installed. We can take it from there