VoicePower 11 with DNS12

Will VoicePower version 11 still work with DNS 12?


During our initial testing we found that VoicePower 11.8.1 would, to a certain extent, work with DNS 12. However, it was: (a) not completely stable, (b) some features would not work or would not work properly, and © the excessive number of duplicate lists that we used in our commands tended to significantly increase latency for the same reasons and to the same degree that Lunis was having problems with KnowBrainer and DNS 12.

You might be able to get away with using it with DNS 12, but I don’t recommend it, and we certainly can’t support it precisely because of its lack of stability and the fact that any of problems that you might run into are those which we have already fixed in VoiceComputer 12.

You’re welcome to play around with it if you wish, but we can’t help you with any problems that you may run into. This is why we strongly advise anyone using DNS 12 to upgrade to VoiceComputer 12.
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