Please, how do I disable the Voice Microphone so that it cannot run?

The VC Mic schedules a task to start the Microphone on startup, etc.


Set Up Microphone
'No' to delete the task.


Configure VoiceComputer
10 Open where 10 is Enable/Disable VC Microphone to open on startup and restart at intervals
Set Up Microphone
'No' to delete the task.

Or you can delete the task through Windows Task Scheduler

Thank you. That works. The microphone is far too sensitive and Dragon switches on during telephone calls and side-conversations with my wife.
Nimbargent2019-01-12 15:03:55

the microphone is far too sensitive

To be clear, your microphone was adjusted to be far too sensitive.

To adjust the microphone’s sensitivity with VC2019, say, “Configure Microphone”
(or Configure VoiceComputer, 9 Open where 9 is ‘Configure/train the VC Microphone’)

Later, you can manually adjust the accuracy settings and set the accuracy a little bit higher or lower depending on your results.
(Configure VoiceComputer, Or, 12 Open, where 12 is ‘manually configure the VC Microphone’s accuracy settings’.)