VoiceComputer will not deploy

When I double-click the icon to open both voicecomputer and Dragon, Dragon opens but I get a box that says voicecomputer can't load because of a problem with DNSTOOLS.

I searched the forum but found no answer.

Any ideas?




There must a problem with the version of DNSTools that’s on your computer. It doesn’t match your version of Dragon.

What version of Dragon do you have? Of VoiceComputer? (Show VoiceComputer version)

Are you using Windows 7?

Have you been using this version of VoiceComputer for a while but just got this error?

I can send you another DNSTools file or you can download and install the most recent release (12.73.5). Let me know!

Thank you for getting back to me so quickly, Ron,

I'm using Dragon 12.5. I believe I have the latest version of VoiceComputer. To be certain, I went to download the newest version to make certain I had it. I went to the link and it wouldn't open.

With the easiest thing be sending me that DNS file?

Thanks so much,