VoiceComputer very slow in Firefox

I am a new user of VoiceComputer Lite running it on Windows 10 with Dragon 15.3 and Firefox 98.0.2. So far, VoiceComputer doesn’t work well with Firefox. When it does work, it takes at least several seconds for it to display the intags. It also tends to display so many overlapping tags that I can’t read them. Is there a way to improve performance with Firefox? I really rely on various features of Firefox, but I would be willing to try another browser if there was a better one. Performance in Chrome seemed to be essentially identical to Firefox.

Firefox and Dragon only work well together if you are using ESR versions
The latest ESR version of Firefox that I can find is 91.

Firefox Extended Support Release (ESR) is an official version of Firefox developed for large organizations like universities and businesses that need to set up and maintain Firefox on a large scale. Firefox ESR does not come with the latest features but it has the latest security and stability fixes.”

It should be quite fast. How much RAM does your computer have? - We recommend 16 GB, but 12 GB is okay for most users.

If the Intags are still slow, please create a new Dragon user profile. (A new Dragon profile fixes 80-90% of problems.) Open Dragon without VoiceComputer, create a new profile, and then open VoiceComputer.

Thanks for reporting this! Let us know this helps.

Hi Ron,

How quickly should the intags show up when viewing a moderately complex web page? If I view a Wikipedia page which might have dozens of embedded links, it’s taking about 7 seconds in Firefox for the tags to show up. If I view the same page in Chrome, the intags show up in only a second or two, but they seem to be generated before the page has finished loading, so they miss most of the links on the page. I then have to say ‘toggle’ on every page to get the full list of links, which starts to take even longer than when using Firefox.

I’m using a computer with 16 GB of RAM.

The Intags should be a lot faster if you switch to the ESR version of Firefox.

The links on a moderately complex web page usually show up in 1-4 seconds

Understood! The speed of the Intags is a compromise. We deliberately slow them down to let a page load. But, if we were to slow them down even more (for complex pages) they’d be unusable.