VoiceComputer Update is now available!

VoiceComputer 12.80.2 is now available for download. To download, follow the download links that you were sent with purchase. The new microphone feature is still in beta. We will send a mailing with updated links as soon as we finish development.

1) This release includes a new VoiceComputer microphone feature that lets you achieve hands-free accessibility. To use the VoiceComputer Microphone:

a) Place the Microphone in your computer’s startup by configuring it with our “Configure VoiceComputer” command;
b) Configure Dragon to start in Sleep mode.
c) You can also start the microphone application by accessing its shortcut on the desktop.

Once you open the VC Microphone, you will see the VoiceComputer microphone icon in the system tray. Note: The VC Microphone is a separate application so restarting VoiceComputer does not restart the VoiceComputer microphone.

This release has three microphone commands: Microphone On, Toggle Microphone and Microphone Toggle. These are toggle commands that will turn the microphone on and off. (You can also use Dragon’s Microphone Off command to turn the microphone off.) We have tried to set a high barrier for recognition so that our microphone will not understand a microphone command and unintentionally turn the microphone on or off when you don’t want it to. But, by setting such a high barrier, our microphone may not understand you even when you intentionally issue one of our commands.

There are four things that you can do to make certain that the VC Microphone correctly recognizes your microphone commands:
a) Practice with the commands and try all three of them. You may find that “Microphone on” doesn’t work all the time but “Toggle Microphone” does work.
b) When the VC Microphone consistently recognizes one of your commands, pay attention to how you pronounced the command. Did you say the command softly? Did you articulate the command more clearly than at other times?
c) If the VC Microphone doesn’t recognize a command, repeat the command within 4 seconds and it’s likely to recognize you. (The system is designed so that two misrecognized commands within 4 seconds will usually result in the second command being executed.)
d) Let us know if it doesn’t work for you! This feature is still in beta!

The VoiceComputer microphone also lets you open VoiceComputer/Dragon and lets you restart and shutdown Dragon, VoiceComputer and/or your computer. This hands-free system eliminates the necessity to place the VoiceComputer or Dragon shortcuts in the Windows Startup folder. When the VoiceComputer microphone is active (icon in the system tray) you can simply say “Open VoiceComputer” and VoiceComputer will open and launch VoiceComputer and Dragon with your most recent user profile. If VoiceComputer or Dragon is already open, the ‘Open VoiceComputer’ command will bring up the VoiceComputer utility, letting you restart or shutdown Dragon, VoiceComputer and/or your computer.

For additional commands, say, “Show Microphone Commands.”

Hello again,

Had to switch profiles because Dragon froze. VC microphone commands did not work and the microphone in not in the start up menu.

Do we have to configure with each profile?



Nice new feature.


First, is the VoiceComputer microphone in the system tray?

Second, you have to configure the VoiceComputer microphone from the “configure VoiceComputer” | 3 open (Add | Remove VC Microphone from Startup. If it’s not currently in the Startup folder, you will be prompted to add it. Click Yes. That puts it in the start up folder but it does not automatically activate it. It won’t get activated (loaded) into the system tray until the next time you boot up. However, to activate it, simply double-click on the VC microphone link on your desktop.

The first way to test whether or not it’s working properly is to shut down Dragon and VoiceComputer and then say “open VoiceComputer” without Dragon loaded. If it’s working properly, that will open the VoiceComputer Startup/Shutdown utility.

Once it’s working, you should be able to activated by saying “microphone on”. If it doesn’t turn on the VoiceComputer microphone, say it again within four seconds. If that doesn’t work, use the command “toggle microphone”. That should work fairly consistently. Keep in mind that we are still tweaking this. Also, there are a couple of other tips.

  1. Remember that you must set up Dragon in the Dragon Options dialog | Have the microphone on but asleep in ordered for the VoiceComputer microphone to work properly.

  2. Occasionally, the microphone on or toggle microphone commands may not turn on the microphone. If this occurs, manually click on the microphone icon to turn it on and then say microphone off and retry the commands. On occasion, just as with SpeechStartâ„¢ or SpeechStart+â„¢, you may have to close the VoiceComputer microphone icon in the system tray and double-click on the VC microphone link on the desktop.

  3. You should also run the Audio Setup Wizard (Check Microphone) to make sure that your microphone is properly optimized (trained).

Again, this is a first-time feature and we’re still working on it. Keep in mind that repeating the command twice within four seconds forces VoiceComputer to increase the sensitivity to the command. We do not want to put in the slider at the present to allow users to change the sensitivity because this can cause more problems than it will solve. We’re still trying to find the right optimization of this feature. However, with neither Dragon or VoiceComputer loaded and the icon in the system tray, and you say “open VoiceComputer” and it opens, then the VoiceComputer microphone is working properly. If it is not, then it won’t open anything. Let us know if you have any further problems.

Also, keep in mind that the sensitivity to the commands is a function of the quality and signal-to-noise ratio of your microphone/soundcard. That’s why we recommend running the Audio Setup Wizard (Check Microphone) in addition to the other steps above.

Lastly, it is not necessary to reinitialize the VC microphone when you change profiles. In other words, one for all and all for one. The only thing you might have to do is make sure that the profile that you have loaded has the correct option set in the Dragon Options dialog | miscellaneous tab (i.e., microphone on but asleep) and you may have to turn the microphone on manually the first time with the new profile, then say microphone off, and then issue one of the VC microphone commands.Chucker2014-06-10 14:04:15

To all,

One additional tip when working with the VoiceComputer microphone. Whatever commands you use, depending upon which work and given that “toggle microphone” is probably the most reliable depending upon your system configuration, microphone, and soundcard, you need to speak the commands at a normal pace and volume. Saying any of the VC microphone commands too fast or too slow, or louder than you normally speak when dictating, will usually result in having to say the command several times.

It’s important to practice until you get it to work reliably. That includes following all the instructions above.