VoiceComputer shutdown requires a click

When I close out the VoiceComputer with the command shutdown speech, a VoiceComputer menu pops up with: 1) followed Dragon prompts, 2) wait until Dragon has finished processing and 3) click okay to continue. I have waited probably a minute and nothing happens. I then click okay and everything shuts down.

Is this the way 12.40 should shut down?

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The new screen when you shut down VoiceComputer (Shutdown Speech) gives you access by voice command to that last screen until you click Yes or say “Yes”.

Once you say “Yes”, VoiceComputer saves your user profile and then exits. If you’re not getting the appropriate screen, then send me a screen capture of the screen that you are getting.
The last screen when you’re shutting down should be giving you instructions about what happens if you get the "Perform User Profile Maintenance"Chucker2013-04-03 07:09:57

Thank you, Chucker:

when I can get VoiceComputer up again, I will make certain it works.

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