VoiceComputer opens itself

VoiceComputer is opening itself at least three times per hour if not more. Usually I can click cancel before anything happens.

Anyone else having this problem?

Enjoy your weekend.



What version of VoiceComputer? I have this happen to me from time to time, but it is extremely rare (emphasis on extremely).

For example, this has occurred for me only once since the release of 13.05. Obviously something is triggering it. Check your view recognition history and let me know when it occurs what showing up in the Dragon recognition history.

Also, it could be a microphone issue.

Thank you, Chucker:

Version 13.0.5.

Next time it happens I will send you the recognition history.

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I discovered what the problem is. There are occasions where if you are dictating “VoiceComputer” as text and you don’t give it complete context (i.e., you pause after saying “VoiceComputer”), it can trigger the VoiceComputer control center. It’s nowhere near as sensitive as it was originally, but it’s not being caused by the VoiceComputer microphone. It’s Dragon that’s opening it up. When the Dragon microphone is on, the propensity for inadvertently opening the VoiceComputer control center it’s greater, and we have no control over that.


VoiceComputer just opened itself again. Attached is the recognition history.



2nd time today:


3rd time


and another one bites the dust.

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In every screen capture that you’ve attached the Dragon microphone is on.

Try turning the Dragon microphone on and see if the things that you dictated as shown in the recognition history pulls up the VoiceComputer control center.

It’s not unusual for Dragon to interpret something as a command regardless of what you said (dictated). When you test this out, make sure that the VoiceComputer icon on your desktop is not highlighted.

I turned my microphone off on all four systems (Dragon) and I spoke freely for about 2 to 3 minutes on all of them and in no case did the VoiceComputer control center inadvertently pop up.