VoiceComputer keeps shutting down

I find that VoiceComputer 12-40 shuts down several times a day, normally when I’m using the display numbers facility, but reopening it is not effective as it does not seem to have reconnected to Dragon and no VoiceComputer commands are recognised.

I have to restart speech in order to overcome the problem. VoiceComputer shut down at least five times today.


k00651262013-03-29 12:48:15
I've noticed this. It seems to shut down much less frequently if you briefly pause between each Show Numbers commands.
We've reprogrammed almost all of it and are working on major enhancements for Super Numbers and Show Numbers. We'll have a release within two weeks.

Thanks Ron,

I will try that.



Attach a copy of your Dragon log so that we can take a look at what’s happening. If you have a problem attaching your Dragon log, send a copy of it to me at my VoiceTeach email address (chuck@voiceteach.com)

Ron may see this occurring on his system(s), but I don’t experience this on any of my systems using VoiceComputer 12.4.0 32-bit or 64-bit.Chucker2013-03-31 12:08:05