VoiceComputer keeps on redrawing intags

Hello Ron,
VC keeps on constantly redrawing/refreshing the Intags and I mean every couple of mins or so & it's driving me mad. I've tried looking at the VC logs and have used msconfig to remove any none required startup programs from boot up but this behaviour continues.

Also, every time this happens, the 'focus' and intags constantly Bounce from one window to another ?

At the same time, there's always a VC window that either pops up in the taskbar for 2secs then dissapears, or a minimised VC window pops up on the desktop, again it hangs around for 2 secs then dissapears again.

As you can imagine, both distracting and annoying. don't know what to try next. Have included a screen shot of weird VC window in taskbar but can't get one of the desktop as it's gone before I can hit the prtscrn button.

Anyone else having this issue ?
What windows are open on the desktop when you see this behavior?

To avoid this until we can figure out what's going on say, "Close Intags"

Hi Ron,
as far as I can tell this happens when intags are numbering the taskbar. Have turned Intags off on the taskbar and this problem has greatly reduced although it still happens occasionally.

This may be a bit of a long shot but is there any kind of widget active? Some antivirus and cleaning programs have them.
If you are using a Windows zoom setting (125%/150%) they may drop out of view and you may not be aware of them but the Intags might respond (when reverting back to desktop for instance).

Also in taskbar settings make sure that the "Always show all icons in the notification area" slider is turned on. There's a good chance that some temporarily tray icon is causing the problem.
Speech19652019-05-20 15:09:07

I agree with Rob.

The log files should pick this up.

Please send me the Dragon Log file. (Show Dragon Log in Windows search)

And the VoiceComputer Log.txt file in