VoiceComputer is not numbering correctly MailWasher

I use a program called MailWasher that shows all my email on my server before I download it into Outlook along with my Gmail & Hotmail. Up until day before yesterday (2/4/21), VoiceComputer would number all the trash cans and spam email icons on each line of my emails (see red arrows in the attached JPEG). Now it only shows numbers on the group of icons where the green arrows are pointing. At first I thought it was because they updated MailWasher, but I checked another laptop and my desktop where I have not updated MailWasher yet and the trash cans were not numbered there either.

Any idea why all of a sudden VoiceComputer isn’t numbering the trash cans in MailWasher?

Doesn’t make sense but I’ve also seen this problem
Does closing/opening VoiceComputer or rebooting solve the problem?
The Intags are numbered differently in different browsers, so try different browsers.
Let us know!

Nothing you suggested helps… This is its own standalone program/app, so you can’t try it in different browsers.

I have tried it on the laptop where I updated MailWasher, on a laptop without it being updated and my desktop without MailWasher being updated. Which I thought was really strange is I did not change everything other than updating MailWasher on one laptop, but all of a sudden it stopped numbering everything got all 3 computers. VERY STRANGE!

It is strange.
Create an overlay or overlays for the application.
Our overlays let you make any control accessible.
Say, “Show Overlay Lesson”.