Voicecomputer dictation box functions

Hi Ron,

I like the new commands to replace the dictation box e.g. Open notepad left, Transfer stay etc.

Is it possible to have these functions work with Wordpad instead of notepad ?

As you know WordPad has full text control and I’m needing the functions to transfer text only not formatting as well.


I’ll try to get it working with WordPad…


I don’t understand why you want to use WordPad. Notepad has Full Text Control (Select-and-Say) as well and also has no formatting. Notepad is pure plain text. Based on what you’re asking/stating in your post, wanting to use WordPad simply doesn’t make sense.

Chuck Runquist

Technical Project Manager

Hey guys,

My bad, Chuck you’re right. You can use fulltext control with notepad!

In my original post I wrote notepad instead of notepad++. I use notepad++ every day for my coding so it is always open.

When Notepad++ is already open and I then use one of the new ‘Transfer stay’ commands, Voicecomputer uses notepad++ instead of notepad to issue the commands .

a)my issue is that I can’t get fulltext control whilst using notepad++, does anyone know if/how this is possible?

b) is there way to get Voicecomputer to only use/launch notepad even though notepad++ is already open?

Btw Ron, if I can get this issue sorted I wouldn’t be using WordPad.



Have you tried renaming the executable for Notepad++ to something that doesn’t contain “Notepad” and it. Because you have it open all the time, you don’t have to call and then Notepad would function the way you want it to. Try it and see if it works.

Technical Project Manager
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