VoiceComputer crashing

I open Dragon with VoiceComputer. After everything indicates it is open, I give the command to show main menu because I want to see how to switch between open documents. VoiceComputer is crashing. I have restarted the computer. It is still happening.

Ron or Chucker, help! I can’t go into Christmas without VoiceComputer.

Thanks so much and happy holidays,



How is it crashing? Send Ron and myself the VoiceComputer log and the VoiceComputer error log, if there is one.

Is this a WinBatch error?

Also, send me a copy of your Dragon log as well as the specific version (complete) of your current VoiceComputer installation.

Lastly, try running a repair of VoiceComputer and see if that rectifies the problem. It may depending upon the reason for VoiceComputer crashing.
Chucker2012-12-20 13:11:36


I have been looking back can’t find out how to find the VoiceComputer log or VoiceComputer error log. I looked in the folder but found nothing.

Also, how do you run a repair of VoiceComputer?

How would I find out if it is a winbatch error ?

Sorry to be so limited in my knowledge.

Thanks for getting back to me.



Assuming that you’re using Windows 7, all of the VoiceComputer log files are located in:

C:UsersDocumentsVoiceComputerVoiceComputer Log.txt/VoiceComputer error log.txt

Running a Repair of VoiceComputer is exactly the same as running a repair of any other application.

Windows Control Panel | Programs and Features | VoiceComputer… | Click on Repair on the top options bar.

Chucker2012-12-20 13:44:00


I just sent you a link to the newest 64 bit version of VC. (The 32 bit version will be ready in a few hours.)
This has a new drilldown type menu. Please let me know whether you find the new menu easier to use and more intuitive.
Please send me your log files! - I haven’t seen VC crash and need to find out what happened.

Hello Ron:

I copied the file.


Hopefully this works.

Thanks so much. I am downloading the new version.

Happy holidays to you and yours,


Jim,</p><p>A quick look at your log file indicates that VC is crashing when you're issuing an 'open from / save to <name> folder' command. </p><p>Is this correct?</p><p>If so, there must be some character in one of your directory paths that is causing VC to choke.</p><p>Email me your settings.ini file and the vp_errorlog.txt file  (if it exists). These are located in the documentsvoicecomputer directory.</p><p> </p>


The new version just crashed when I gave the command “show main menu” and it launched. I will send you an email with the items requested.

Thanks so much and happy holidays,


RonK2012-12-21 14:31:24

If it crashes again, shut down speech and then delete the documentsvoicecomputer directory Restart and be ready to enter your serial number when the program starts up.

If this doesn’t solve the problem, create a new Dragon user file (skip the training and all other options) and then start VoiceComputer.
BTW, if you ever need to find your serial number, it’s located in the field in the voicecomputer.license file in the documentsvoicecomputer directory.
RonK2012-12-21 22:41:24

Good afternoon, Ron:

I just opened everything up. I gave the command “start task manager”, which opened and then VoiceComputer crashed.

I will follow your instructions you gave after this post.

Thanks and happy holidays,


Did the VoiceComputer menu open when you opened the program?

No messages?
Double click on the VoiceComputer icon. Choose the option to shut down speech.
Get your serial number
Delete the documentsvoicecomputer directory.
Start Dragon
Start VoiceComputer and put in your serial number.
Let me know what happens and email me your Dragon log file.