VoiceComputer crashing and restarting

I really need some help, please!

VoiceComputer has really been acting up for the last 6 to 8 days or so. By acting up, I mean that there are times when it will start and stop all by itself without any commands or input by me-- it just did it again for the 2nd time in a minute! Some days it will behave quite well, and then the erratic behavior will come back!

It may possibly stem (it just did it again! And again!) from attempting to clone Windows 10 from an M.2 500 Gig drive to a 2 TB drive of the same technology. It had been working marvelously well prior to that change. It also loses focus very easily and frequently. I have been very much tempted to reinstall 10 and all my applications from scratch, but have resisted that temptation until I talked to the VoiceComputer team and forum.

I always tell VoiceComputer to save my profile before exiting to put my PC to sleep. I really believe that my log files are probably too large to send by email. I have version 1.2.5 . I really don't have any hair to pull out, but I would if I did have some!

VoiceComputer is really my only connection to the outside world beyond my bedroom and a little mobile home--it is my LIFELINE!

As I stated, the log files appear to be very large; please let me know specifically what you need to help with this at your leisure… I really hate to impinge upon your weekend and/or Memorial Day holiday! ENJOY your barbecues and get-togethers and families and please remember those who served and died for us!

Tom 68 (JETER 2)

My guess is that the VC Mic is not configured very well so it’s turning on the Dragon mic.

The VC mic has to be reconfigured when you change mics or change the position of your microphone. (If you move an array microphone closed to you, the accuracy of your commands will increase.)

Say, “Configure VoiceComputer” to configure and then optimize the VC Mic.

If you’ve already done this, Configure VoiceComputer and then manually adjust the VC Mic settings .2 or .4% higher than the current settings. Repeat until the Mic doesn’t pick up any more ‘fales positives’.

TY--- your explanation is most likely the full cause of the problems. I usually have my microphone right in front of me on a little lap desk that covers the space between my bed and a large wooden desk. Sometimes when I don't feel like picking up the lap desk from the wooden desk problems seem to arise as the microphone is not as close to me as the earlier scenario.

I have had some problems understanding some of the command terminology; I will keep practicing and let you know, but for right now let's consider this matter closed.

Sorry, again, to be a bother!

Many thanks!
Tom 68