VoiceComputer can't be closed


I have a question regarding the VoiceComputer-application. Unfortunately, I can’t close the program because when I try it via the icon in the Task bar or via speech, nothing happens. For any ideas how to resolve this issue I would be grateful.


It’s a two step process since VoiceComputer works with Dragon. To close VoiceComputer you need to say, “Shutdown VoiceComputer” (or “Open VoiceComputer”)
These commands open the Control Center.
Then issue the “Shutdown Speech” command which closes both Dragon and VoiceComputer"

Is there any possibility to change this commands, similar to changing the commands for the Intag-numbers? Moreover, can VoiceComputer be shutdown via GUI?

Yes. Double click on the VC icon on your desktop or right click on the VC icon in the system tray. Then click “Shutdown Speech”

You can use Dragon’s ‘Advanced Scripting’ feature to create a command of your own that would shut down VoiceComputer/Dragon.

You may also be interested in SP 7 Standard’s Dragon and VC Restart©. This convenient utility allows you to Restart or Kill VoiceComputer and/or Dragon with a simple Hotkey (or via voice commands).

Here’s an old demonstration video:

Note that SP 7 PRO has a more extended version of Dragon and VC Restart©.