VoiceComputer beta will not close

I get the following two screenshots when I close by saying “open VoiceComputer” and then “shutdown speech.”

Attached are the two menus I receive:


This is not happening on my machine. Both Voice Computer and Dragon are shutting down normally. I am using the latest Voice Computer beta, and DNS 12.5.



I know what the second screen is, but I can’t read the first one (on the left).

Dragon stores a copy of your user profile in a folder designated as tb, which stands for temporary backup. You get this error message, often during the backup process (every five saves) because Dragon hasn’t cleared this folder and won’t allow anything to overwrite it because it is protecting your user profile.

Whenever this occurs, simply close the error message and try re-saving your user profile. Normally this will clear the tb folder and allows you to continue saving your user profile. If this doesn’t work, then go to your user profile:

C:ProgramDataNuanceNaturallySpeaking12Userstb and simply delete the files that are contained in that temporary backup folder, or you can even delete the folder itself. Dragon will re-create it when it needs to. If you look at the very bottom of the error message that says “file exists”. This means that that folder contains information that Dragon will not allow you to overwrite, but you can still manually delete it. You will then be able to save your user profile. Don’t continue with the VoiceComputer shutdown until your user profile has been saved.

This is rare in DNS 12-12.5, but it still occurs from time to time. It’s an old issue that goes way back several versions of DNS.

As to the other “menu”, I need to know exactly what it says. As I said, I can’t read it as is and it is illegible when I blow it up (increase the resolution).


Nevermind, I saw your post on the KnowBrainer forum and the other menu option is just your screen capture nag screen.

However, if you get the “The file exists” error message, then the TB folder does exist. Be careful about geeks bearing gifts. Lunis suggestion that your profile is corrupted is not correct.

You may be looking for the TB folder in the wrong place, or you could have deleted it but not tried to resave your user profile. It’s a simple problem never as complex as the responses on the KnowBrainer forum. It is easily resolved. The moment that you resave your user profile or Dragon creates a backup, that TB folder will be re-created.


this is the window I get with each of my users where I had earlier deleted tb files. According to it, they do not exist for any of my users. I even drill down and all the other files I could find with my users and could not find another tb file. I am attaching a screenshot from one of my users and a screenshot after I search for tb from the start menu.

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The only way that you will get that error message when trying to save your user profiles is when you either manually backup your users, or you try to save your user profile(s) if the tb folder is populated. If there is no tb folder or the tb folder is empty, then there’s nothing for Dragon to conflict with (i.e., Error Details: The file exists).