VoiceComputer and DNS14

What is the minimum VoiceComputer version that will work with DNS14?

We’re testing VoiceComputer 14 and hope to release it on Monday.

Probably your VoicePower 12.30
will work with Dragon 14 but VoiceComputer 12 won’t start Dragon up.

VoiceComputer 12.30. (Our VoicePower only went up to version 10 or so.) doesn’t include our new Intag speech interface which will change the way you work.)

I would recommend that you upgrade to Dragon 14 Professional Individual edition for $99 (if you purchase by the end of the month.) and upgrade to VoiceComputer 14.

I don’t think that the new KnowBrainer will work with VoiceComputer 14 but you won’t need it with Dragon 14 Individual and VoiceComputer. You’ll be able to do everything you could do with KnowBrainer and much, much more.

Sorry, my signature was a little out of date. My VoiceComputer version is 12.5.09.

I know you are familiar with how I use VoiceComputer, and that I don’t use a lot of the features of it. Will the new version support the macros I have written?


What macros are you referring to? Dragon or VoiceComputer?
If you’re referring to VoiceComputer, can you be more specific?


I responded to your private message, but if you send those collection of scripts to Ron, he can probably verify what changes you might need to make, if any.

On the other hand, if you want a copy of VoiceComputer to work with DPI (Dragon Professional Individual 14), then you need to upgrade to the latest version of VoiceComputer, which we will be releasing soon and which supports Dragon Professional Individual 14.

Will do.

How about maybe this next Monday?

Phil Schaadt

Yes, by Monday the 27th.