VoiceComputer 2017 v 2.18 release candidate

A new version is ready for download.

Need some more volunteers to test before we officially release.

New features:

‘Configure VoiceComputer’ now lets you configure the size, color, background color and transparency of My Intags (Overlays).

New ‘File Save Max’ command. This is a Save As command that automatically maximizes Windows Explorer, letting you easily browse through your files and folders.

New set of alternative commands for the Dictation box. See, "Show Global Commands’, 'Show Section 9’
Commands include ‘Open Notepad Left’ and ‘Transfer Tab’.

An improved and simplified VC Microphone for hands-free computing. Now requires only one command. A new log file makes it easy to configure.

We’re also testing a new ‘Intag’ release.

Once we’re finished with the testing (tomorrow), we’ll finally put the Chrome extension on the Google store.

Well I took it on a test drive and it works for me.

I’m noticing a slightly better intag performance (grabs my desktop icons a little bit better on startup). Slightly speedier performance too.
The File Save Max command works nicely on standard Windows programs like: notepad, and paint. It doesn’t work on all my programs but that probably has something to do with the interface of those programs.
I am very pleased (!) with the ability to adjust the color and the transparency of the overlay background, works flawlessly.

This time I had a little bit more problems replacing the original XML’s with my own customized ones. Especially the my CustomOverlays.xml (size about 500 KB) was automatically being restored to the original (empty) one after restarting speech.
I’m using the following, brute force, method: After installing a new VC version I first configure the program, disable commands I don’t use, set the Intags size etc.
Then I restart speech. Next, I delete all XML’s and copy back my own customized XML’s in both VC folders in Program Data and Program Files 86.
This always worked , but this time I had to repeat that step a couple of times (ie my CustomOverlays.xml), and I also needed to take ownership of both VC folders. Anyway, it worked eventually.

In which XML is the File Save Max command located, in one of the office XML’s by chance?
And what will be the url for the new Chrome intag extension?



> After installing a new VC version I first configure the program, disable commands I don’t use,
> set the Intags size etc.
> Then I restart speech. Next, I delete all XML’s and copy back my own customized XML’s in
> both VC folders in Program Data and Program Files 86.

That should consistently work. When I have time, I’ll create an easy way to do this…

The File Save Max command is in global1.xml but it can’t be edited. I needed to write some code to find the name of the active window after the “sendkey alt+f, a” command. If the active window is an office application, I send an ‘o’ key to open the save as dialog and then I maximize the window.
Let me know the name of your active window after an “alt+f a” sequence. And, let me know what keystrokes you need and I should be able to modify the command so it works for you.
This command should also work with our vpscript commands but I couldn’t make a command that worked. Will speak to the programmer about this.


I have a couple of programs with different shortcut keys for the save file dialogs, like Serif WebPlus X7: Ctrl+Alt+s. Although most of them have the Alt+f a combination and if it’s something else I can easily program that with Dragon. The thing is, after Save As, when windows file Explorer is opened (that is, if it is the standard Windows 10 Explorer window (and not a built in one - XP style- like in Microsoft Picture It for instance), I cannot find any keyboard shortcuts to maximize that (by the way your File Save Max command does work with Picture It). Other programs like Cubase, MoviePlus, Filmora for instance also have Export or Render as options which again have very different shortcut keys, but the file Explorer is the same.
Double clicking on top of the Windows bar is not an option because sizes vary with every program (and Windows 10 simply won’t remember when I’ve maximized it before).

So how did you manage to get that maximized in the File Save Max command? Did you use some kind of keyboard shortcut? Or did you use some kind of windows API?

I understand that you then need the name of every specific save as/export window per program? I noticed that some programs like RMCA MIDI accompaniment, Synthfont have specific named export/save as windows. Standard programs like WordPad/Notepad don’t seem to have that apart from ‘Save as’ which appears to be standard.
Anyway, I will get to work finding the exact names of all save as/export Windows of programs I use most frequently. That is, if I have the time. I’m in the middle of moving into my girlfriend’s place.


Some users with DPI 14 and/or 15 can run into problems with InTags when launching Firefox.

One way of resolving this quickly is to, in Firefox, say "open new tab". Then, simply say the number associated with one of the thumbnails. Once that application or window opens, the InTag numbers will function properly.

To a certain extent, this is more frequent on or under Windows 7. However, it can also occur under Windows 10.

Part of the reason for this is the flakiness of Firefox.

If anyone is having a problem with this and the workaround above doesn't work for them, let us know. There are other ways of accomplishing this, but this is the simplest.

I would be happy to volunteer. However, I am not the sophisticated command creator, etc. as some on the forum are. I have trouble believing that the mirror doesn’t add pounds.

Enjoy your weekend.

Let me know.


I should be able to find an easy way to get these commands working for. you as soon as I have time.


Is the new chrome intag extension already available?

No, but the Chrome extension we’re releasing is the same as the beta that many of you have been using. (Once we have everything released, we’ll start working on upgrades.)

In the meanwhile, if you want a copy of the beta, please email the name of a gmail account that you can use, so we can register you for the beta.

In the last day we found two context sensitive bugs on some Windows 7 computers. On some Win7 computers, Intags doesn’t recognize Chrome commands and on some other Win7 computers, it doesn’t recognize Office Commands.

We can’t fix these problems because we can’t duplicate them.We don’t want to release the Chrome extension until we figure out what’s going on.


Congratulations on your newest version. It’s time for me to step up to the plate for that version. Can you describe what you mean by, "New set of alternative commands for the Dictation box. See, "Show Global Commands’, 'Show Section 9’
Commands include ‘Open Notepad Left’ and ‘Transfer Tab’.

What will that command do? Also, I’m open to be a beta…


These are commands which we added as alternatives to the Dragon Dictation Box. They use notepad instead of the Dictation Box, but allow you to keep notepad open after you transfer your dictated text.

There are three commands with explanations as noted, if you have the latest version of VoiceComputer, by going to the "Show Global Commands | Show Section 9".

Each command has a different function. For example, Ron only notes the "Transfer Tab". There are also two other transfer commands. The one that most users will want to use is "Transfer Space". "Transfer Tab" adds a tab when you transfer the text. This particular one may not be that useful because it will only work if the text window into which you are transferring the text accepts tab commands. If it doesn't, there will be no tabs added. However, "Transfer Space" adds a space before the text being transferred to the text window to which you want to transfer the text. This prevents words running together between transfers.

What these basically allow you to do is to keep notepad open so that you can continue to dictate and transfer text. The main purpose of this feature is to provide alternatives to using the Dictation Box when Full Text Control (Select-and-Say) is not enabled for the text window into which you are dictating.The only caveat is that notepad only accepts plaintext. So, if you need bolding, underlining, italicizing, etc., then you may need to use the Dictation Box. Also, if you reset the font in notepad, it applies to all text. That is, you can't select a section of text and change the font size or style because it will globally change all the text in notepad.

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Thank you for that explanation. Will it also allow us to get rid of the notepad if we only need to dictate into one space? It would be similar to the knowbrainer command, “transfer out.” I find that to be incredibly useful. For editing purposes, there is nothing like notepad for review and change text purposes. I make far fewer mistakes when I use notepad instead of dictating directly into Outlook, for example. It is especially invaluable when dictating into text boxes within browsers. It’s just so much clearer and easier to see. I never used to be confident when rereading emails that I dictated as I am when I know I dictated into notepad and then transfered the text.

 Gary,</p><p>I see one major problem with KnowBrainer's "Transfer out" command. That is, KnowBrainer 2017's command can be flaky if the focus is set right initially. When that occurs, the text that you dictate into Notepad is copied to the clipboard, but it may not be transferred to the application window.</p><p>We have an additional command "Transfer stay" vs. KnowBrainer's Tab command at the end of the script which works properly if you are working in the template. However, if you use "Transfer out" in KnowBrainer, then you have to start all over again from scratch and make sure that the focus is correct. We prefer to keep Notepad open so that when you use "Transfer stay" in a template or an EMR/EHR, it keeps notepad open and moves to the next field |Tab. KnowBrainer's transfer commands are too complex under certain conditions.</p><div> <img src="http://forum.voicecomputer.com/uploads/7/VoiceComputer_transfer_commands_2017-01-29_19-28-39.jpg" height="290" width="691" border="0" /></div><div> </div><div> Note that there is an error in the explanation for "Transfer tab". It should be "The Transfer back command…" should read "The transfer tab command…"</div>
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I’ll give it a try. That was one thing missing from voice computer that was important to me. I have been using transfer out for quite a while and haven’t run into the problem you described. The reason why I like the notepad to close is that I need the real estate space. Had I used the command, “transfer” it would have left notepad open, which would block the other content I need to see. I’m going to upgrade voice computer to the latest version. I’ll let you know how it works.

We’re still testing the new command and will be improving.

There is a transfer stay command that transfers and then stays in your original window.

Will add a transfer back command.

Can I be a beta candidate? I especially want to test the transfer feature.


Just FYI, were working on an issue that relates to Windows 7 where the transfer commands are currently not working correctly.

If you try them and you're running Windows 7 64-bit, which I think many still are at this point if they're not running Windows 10, just be advised that this can be a potential problem for Windows 7 64-bit users. They do copy the text to the clipboard, but may not transfer the text to your application window. Hopefully, this will be fixed before we release this version.

Otherwise, there are no problems with Windows 10 and the transfer commands.

Chucker2017-02-01 13:40:27

We have improved the transfer commands in the new release, 2.19. Check them out!


The new release has a new ‘File Save Max’ command.

It’s a global command in the global2.xml file.
You should be able to use this as a template to create Max commands for any application.


Thank you Ron, that sounds promising!

I will check out the new VC release 2.19 and the new Max command you created.