VoiceComputer 14.75 Release Candidate

A new release is available. You can download it by following the link that you received with your order.

The release has been beta tested but we’re looking for some volunteers to give the release a final check before we formally announce the product.

New features?

Continued improvements to the Intags technology. (making the best better)
We fixed a recent bug that cropped up with the newest release of Chrome a few weeks ago.
We fixed a bug that caused double numbering in IE on some websites, with Win7.
Continued improvements to the documentation.
A few new Intag commands such as "Double <1-300>"

All Intag commands are configurable so we are thinking of adding an option to allow you to choose a more succinct command set for Intags. That is, letting users select a command set that would include commands such as
“13 to 26”
Instead of Drag 13 to 26
control 45
control 27 and 45
control 24, 42 and 72

Instead of the current:
control click 45
control click 27 and 45
control click 24, 42 and 72

We don’t want to include all forms of a command in a single command set because that would slow down performance.

Hi Ron/Chuck,

I’d be happy to oblige as a beta tester. Just downloaded the new version.
First, Where can I download the most recent chrome intag extension?


The current version of the VoiceComputer Chrome extension is 6.25. It should get automatically updated.

The Chrome extension gives you great control of Gmail and other applications with our Intags. We can customize the Chrome extension to work with just about any app or Intranet site.

If anyone wants a copy of the Chrome extension, please email me with the name of gmail account that you can access. We need this to register you with Google.

I’m hoping that we can put the Chrome extension on the Google store in 2 weeks.


Can I change the color of the chrome intags?
the reddish color isn’t always that visible.

Rob<span =“Apple-tab-span” style=“white-space:pre”>


Ron may be able to answer your question a little better, but as far as I know I don't see anywhere where you can change the font color in the Chrome extension.

The font color for the Chrome Intags can’t be changed at this time BUT you can change the Opacity of the Intags by clicking on the Intag logo on the top right corner of Chrome. By doing this, you should be able to change the contrast so that the Intags are easily visible.

Ron, is there anything in particular you would like us to test

I’ve installed and configured the new version

Phil Schaadt

We’re looking at 3 occasional bugs that are rare enough that we haven’t been able to gather enough information to have a chance of fixing.

1. Under what conditions do the Intags stop displaying? We need conditions that are repeatable so we can duplicate it and then know we’ve fixed the problem.
2. Sometimes you can’t follow the Intags in Chrome. That is, you say “47” and nothing happens until you say Press Escape or Press F5 (to refresh the website). This seems to be website specific. So, if you have this problem, let us know what website you’re on.
3. Crashing. If and when VoiceComputer ever crashes, let us know what you were doing. Is it repeatable? (If so, we can fix immediately.)

If we can fix these occasional problems, then we have a perfect product :slight_smile:

I’ll let you know Ron but I’m probably not the right person to test this.
I’ve been playing around with 43 inch screens and there are definitely quirks when using so many pixels

ffor example is impossible to get proper mapping on two, side-by-side 43 inch monitors even with high-end graphic cards, specifically high-bandwidth cables and the most current NVIDIA and display drivers.

Intag’s will work with one 43 inch screen and two 30 inch screens but I don’t view this as your product problem.

Phil Schaadt

I’ve encountered a strange bug with my custom overlay. when I use the command “show overlay” the overlay shows up but also the automated intags continue to create a separate set of numbers until I use the command “close numbers”. Also if I switch to a newr window and execute the command to show the Intag’s, they will show up on the new window but the custom overlay on the other window does not close. When I switch focus back to the window with the overlay there are automatic tagging again in addition to the overlay.
“mouse over” doesn’t work on the custom overlays but it does work on an auto tagged window.

When I “show intags” on a new window the original custom overlay does not close. Furthermore if I execute the command “mouse over” the mouse moves to the number on the custom overlay when that command won’t move the mouse to that number on the custom overlay if it is the only one that is open

Phil Schaadt


We are aware of this bug. It cropped up in the latest version of VoiceComputer.

We will fix it in the next release. In the meantime if you open an overlay, close the overlay before you invoke InTags.

You can switch from InTags to your overlays, but the bug prevent you from reversing that.

Avoid InTags in one window and overlays in a second.

Thanks Chuck.
This version of VC is slightly slow in refreshing the intags

Phil Schaadt

Can I change the size and color of the Chrome intags

Phil Schaadt

I also noticed a slightly slower refreshing of the intags.

In the settings config file (C:ProgramDataVoiceTeachVoiceComputer) I adjusted the:

That works on my computer.

I have to say that, apart from the fact that they should be way better visible, the chrome intags now work very nicely.

The current bug of the overlay not closing when calling intags can temporarily be solved with a HeardWord (preferably DVC) command such as:

ShowOut (or anything else you like)

HeardWord “close”,"overlay"
HeardWord “show”, "numbers"

In order to avoid voicestrain it might be a good idea to rename the general “show numbers” command into a simple “show”

and the “close numbers” command into a simple: “hide”

similarly I renamed the “show overlay” command into a simple "over"
and the “close overlay” command into a simple “over out”
but your preferences may vary…


Thanks for reminding me about the Auto Reopen delay!
I’ll reset it to 800 as you did.

>the fact that [the Chrome Intags] should be way better visible

To confirm, you’ve set the Opacity to 0.9 and they’re still not clearly visible to you?

I tried out quite a few alternatives and the Red text on white background was the best alternative I could find.

Will ask Evan, our programmer, to make the colors a configuration setting so you can change them, as you can with the regular Intags.

This works great:
HeardWord “close”,"overlay"
HeardWord “show”, "numbers"

But we have to fix the problem on our end. If we don’t, we’ll run into problems down the road when we modify our code. If we modify code that has a bug in it, the result isn’t pretty.

>rename the general “show numbers” command into a simple "show"

Be careful with one syllable commands! You may end up with a lot of false positives.

The release has a new command that I like: Intag it, it trips off my tongue and it has 3 syllables.

I like (almost all) of your shortened command names. We’ll put a command set with short Intag commands in our product soon.


ookay I reset back to a reopen time of 800 ms and that seems pretty much to be the same as before

the problem I have with the Intag’s on Google Chrome is that the transparency is such that on most of the custom applications that I have to use have colored backgrounds. That means instead of looking white the background looks dingy gray and it’s hard to read the numbers. Even the numbers usually look like a washed out purple.
That’s why use yellow background with black letters. tthat wouldn’t be a problem with normal content webpages but it’s a problem for me

I also would not want to have a single word or short command names because I always run into trouble with those

This is somewhat subjective but it seems that this release is more sensitive to having multiple Select-and-Say windows open and when switching between them I have had more DNS 13 hangups and crashes than I did with the previous version (at least I think so)

Phil Schaadt


First, AUTO REOPEN DELAY is in terms of milliseconds. Going from 1100 to 800 only reduces it by 300 ms, or a little more than one quarter second. It may make a difference in terms of VoiceComputer's auto refresh, but it won't make any difference in terms of InTag commands, such as "InTag window" or "Show Numbers", or "Refresh Numbers"etc.

Second, your DVC command to manage the bug related to the necessity to close overlays before reissuing InTags commands is a good Band-Aid approach for the time being. As Ron points out, this was broken in the current release because previous releases automatically shut down overlays when you issue the InTags commands and vice versa. Just remember that once we fix this, you need to get rid of that command because the process of switching back and forth between overlays and InTags is faster when the switching is done by VoiceComputer.

Third, keep in mind that using single word or single syllable commands will create some conflicts. For example, if you're in notepad in you issue the command "close", it can result in closing notepad when you don't want to do that. Also, "show" is a frequently use trigger word in some applications and/or add-ons. Generally not a good idea. We can and will make some changes, but if you make the changes to these commands, we're not going to do it, and you are basically "G'd night ya on ya own". We have to keep things consistent simply because not every user of VoiceComputer has your understanding and expertise.

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Oops my mistake about the Chrome Numbers (I always interpret the opacity concept the other way around) I set it to 0.9 and now I can also clearly see the white background which does make them way better visible :wink: anyway, it is a good idea to make this adjustable (the size too) in the next version because I would prefer black on yellow.
Will the color of the My Intags overlay itself also be adjustable? That bluish glow is tiring to the eyes.

The short command “show” hasn’t given me any false positives yet.
For opening and closing the Intags I use: “show” and "hide"
For My Intags I use: “over” and “over out” ( “over” sometimes gives a false positive so I’ll have to come up with something better). Luckily it doesn’t conflict with the “show overlay 2,3 etc” commands.

Similarly for years I have replaced the standard Dragon command “Press Enter” by a simple “Yes”.
This doesn’t conflict with anything not even with a “Yes” or “No” saving dialogue or any other dialogue.
Short and sweet (especially when you’re talking to your computer for hours and hours).

It’s a good thing that the VC XML files are relatively easy to edit (takes some trial and error though).
And of course as soon as the bug is fixed I will throw out the HeardWord command as soon as possible.

About the delay of the Intags I think that 800 is the maximum. You don’t want them to to launch too fast if the new window isn’t completely opened yet (especially on slower computers).



Glad that the Opacity setting helps!
Actually, the first version of the Chrome Intags was black on yellow and it wasn’t very visible and it was ugly. (At least to me…)
I’ll have Evan work on the background colors. After we release our Intags only product in 2-4 weeks.

The next update will probably change the settings.ini file AUTO REOPEN DELAY=300. It’s working great at that setting. (Thanks again for reminding me about this!)

so where is the Chrome opacity setting in the config files.

Phil Schaadt