VoiceComputer 13.5.73 is now available!

Our newest release is faster and better than ever.

The newest version of VoiceComputer features an improved speech environment that seamlessly Intags the controls and menus in Windows and in your applications.

Intags now stay open as you switch between and resize applications. Intags are now so tightly integrated into the Window environment that you can even, God forbid, click into other applications, type, page down, resize and position them by mouse. Intags will continue to refresh, letting you resume speech control when you come back to your senses.

With the improvement of Intags, thousands of macros are now longer needed to navigate Office and other applications. So, we archived thousands of our old commands, resulting in a faster, sleeker program.

Please try out this release and let us know how it works for you. With your feedback, we plan to release more improvements in the next week or two.

great thanks where can I download ti from?



Which version do you need, 32-bit or 64-bit?

Just follow the links that you were sent with your order. They include both 32 and 64 bit releases and automatically refresh to point to the latest version.

If you have problems, just email me.

Good morning,

I just downloaded the new version. I extracted it to C:Programx86. When I had the exe file copied and replace the exe file in it. When I went to run it, it stated it was modified March 19, 2015.

Is that accurate? Can’t be right. I just opened VC and version is 13.56.2.

I did not uninstall the previous version. I think I remembered that correctly. Did I?



Enjoy your weekend.

Trionalaw2015-06-05 07:04:20

Figured out. I had forgot to save the previous version and then uninstall it.

Enjoy your weekend.



<p>Congratulations on another new release. Overall, it works as advertised. I like the small red numbers and they seem to align well. I have a few questions and observations.</p>

</font><p><font size="3">1 </font><font face="Arial" size="3"><font face="Arial" size="3">– within the browser Google Chrome if I command a number which hits a link, I need to say show in tags when it gets to the new screen because the numbers are not aligned. Is that what it is supposed to do?</font></font></p><font face="Arial" size="3"><font face="Arial" size="3">
</font></font><font size="3"></font><p><font size="3">2 </font><font face="Arial" size="3"><font face="Arial" size="3">– I can't get the show in tags to work on my desktop screen. Is that what it is supposed to do?</font></font></p><font face="Arial" size="3"><font face="Arial" size="3">
<p>3 – is there a rule that tells me when to say, "click" and when to say only, "the number"</p>
<p>4 – the my in tags still confounds me no matter how many times I've seen the demo and have read your instructions. I say, "show my in tags" and the camera screen does come up. But, I can't figure out how to pull up the previously set screen with my numbers the next time I go to that screen or application. I'm almost certain it's my stupidity and I just am missing it.<br>Finally, does the program automatically reduced the size of the content screen? I notice that the fonts and the screen have gotten smaller and I am assuming it's because the program wants it that way. Is that correct?</p></font></font>

Please disregard my last point about the screen and font size. I figure that one out. It had to do with my 2 screen alignment.



>I need to say show in tags when it gets to the new screen
> because the numbers are not aligned

Clearly this shouldn’t happen.
What version of Intags are you using in Google Chrome?
This happens with all websites? Do you have Chrome zoomed? What text size are you using in Windows?
> I can’t get the show in tags to work on my desktop screen.
> Is that what it is supposed to do?

Yes. There’s a problem with the current release. Trying repeating the Intag Desktop command (or just say “Intag Window” if you’re already focused on the desktop. The numbers may take 20-30 seconds to appear. (Will fix this soon!)

> is there a rule that tells me when to say, “click” and when to say only, "the number"

You should be able to say either “12” or “click 12”. Use “click 12” when you’re in a text box so that Dragon doesn’t enter “12” as text.


I'm guessing that I have the wrong numbers engine for chrome. I just noticed that I'm not having the same problem when I use Internet Explorer. Here's the numbers engine I have loaded.NumbersEngine 0.5.55


Yes, what you have is the old chrome extension. The current one is: <span =“extension-title” style=‘font: 500 14pxormal “Segoe UI”, Tahoma, sans-serif; color: rgb48, 57, 66; text-trans: none; text-indent: 0px; letter-spacing: normal; word-spacing: 0px; white-space: normal; widows: 1; -webkit-padding-end: 20px; -webkit-text-stroke-width: 0px;’>Intag Chrome<span =“Apple-converted-space”> <span =“extension-version” style=‘font: 13pxormal “Segoe UI”, Tahoma, sans-serif; color: rgb115, 119, 122; text-trans: none; text-indent: 0px; letter-spacing: normal; word-spacing: 0px; white-space: normal; widows: 1; -webkit-padding-end: 7px; -webkit-text-stroke-width: 0px;’>0.6.21


Sent a link to the more recent extension to your Gmail account. Open in Google Chrome.

(Hope to have a new Chrome extension this week.)


Where do I find that Intag chrome extension? I have never been able to use “Select-and-Say” in Google Chrome.

Ii have this Dragon extension enabled: <span =“extension-title” style="-webkit-padding-end: 20px; color: rgb48, 57, 66; font-size: 14px; font-family: ‘Segoe UI’, Tahoma, sans-serif; line-height: normal;">Dragon Web Extension <span =“extension-version” style="-webkit-padding-end: 7px; font-size: 13px; color: rgb115, 119, 122; font-family: ‘Segoe UI’, Tahoma, sans-serif; line-height: normal;">

Many thanks,


Trionalaw2015-06-08 07:16:14


The VoiceComputer Chrome Extension has absolutely nothing whatsoever to do Dragon’s Full Text Control (Select-and-Say) in Google Chrome. Having the right Chrome extension won’t give you Full Text Control (Select-and-Say). That’s purely a Dragon issue.

Not sure why you’re still having a problem with that because I can’t duplicate your problem.


I still have the problem with Select-and-Say. In this case, I was able to dictate your name but then nothing. I had to go to dictation box.

Any additional ideas? It is rather frustrating.

All the best,



The only thing I can point to is the possibility that something that you’re using in Google Chrome is preventing Dragon’s Web extension from engaging Full Text Control (Select-and-Say).

Since Iam unable to duplicate your problem, the only thing I can suggest is look at your Chrome extensions and see if there is an extension that may be interfering. The way to do this is to temporarily disable each extension one at a time and see if one of them is conflicting with the Dragon Web extension.


Have you tested Select-and-Say on different websites? Dragon doesn’t have FullText Control in the Google Chrome address bar or in the Google search box which appears in the centre of the page on the default Google homepage. In the latter case this is probably because as soon as you enter some text it moves you to the address bar anyway.

Dragon also doesn’t have FullText Control in the ‘Message’ text box used when posting message on this forum.

Do the Dragon commands “click link”, “click box”, “click button”, “click image” work on webpages in Chrome? They will only work if the Dragon Web Extension for Chrome is installed and enabled. They won’t work if the focus is in the Chrome address bar. Of course this is irrelevant if you have VoiceComputer, but it will help to confirm whether the Dragon Web Extension is ‘working’, and whether you may need to look at some other reason for Select-and-Say not working, assuming you’ve tested the latter in text boxes where you know it is working for other users.

Of course only DNS 13 is compatible with Chrome.


Appreciate your thoughts, HumanRog,

First, I interpret your comment that Dragon doesn’t have Fulltext Control in the ’ Message’ text box for this forum to mean that you can dictate into it. I cannot dictate directly into the message text box but have to use the dictation box. I’m truly flummoxed by this.

Second, I cannot dictate into Gmail from Chrome. I can using Mozilla but do not have Fulltext Control.

Your last paragraph has me confused. I don’t know what webpage I would have the ability to give any of those commands. Could you be more specific so I can check? I did try the command “click post reply” after transferring the dictation from the Dictation Bos and it did not deploy. Is that what you were talking about?

Do my responses make any sense? Hell, maybe I don’t make any sense anymore. I have been struggling with the inability to dictate into any forum on Chrome. I forgot to check if I could do so on Mozilla and will do so right now. Also, tremendously frustrated about the inability to dictate into Gmail on Chrome.

Thanks so much.



I can tell you that from my experience, most text boxes on Google Chrome don’t accept good dictation and Select-and-Say. However, I have gotten the rhythm down of using the dictation box and I find it much more effective than even dictating in text boxes where I can. I have no problem at all using that dictation box by pressing F1. Text box dictation isn’t anywhere near perfect but is much better in Internet Explorer. However, if you do use Google Chrome like I do, the dictation box is really my, “go to” tool. Interestingly enough, I’m dictating this note directly in the text box on the forum using Google Chrome. Go figure. After I dictate in the dictation box, I always give the command select all and read that. After doing it so many times in emails, teaching schools etc. I have a lot of confidence in my postings after I listen to the read back.

The new one works much better on all of the screens. Thank you for sending it.