Voice power failed to start

Attempting to open VoicePower, I get the following message:

“Voice power failed to start
Could not find a part of the path
The path is available, but the folder “Help” is empty.
I did a repair installation on VoicePower but this did not help.


<p>The first thing you should do is go to the Windows Control Panel | Folder Options | View tab and make sure that you have the options for Hidden files and folders set to "Show hidden files, folders, and drives". Also, make sure that you unselect "Hide empty drives in the Computer folder" and unselect <font face="Arial">"</font>Hide protected operating system files (Recommended<font face="Arial">)". Depending upon how your Documents and Settings folders are set up, performing the above should let you display the files in the associated path in your post.</font></p><font face="Arial">

</font><p>The second thing you should do if that doesn't resolve the problem with regard to opening VoicePower is to e-mail me a copy of your Dragon log and VoicePower logs<font face="Arial">. In addition, under the VoicePower folder in the path that you provided there is a file called settings.ini. E-mail that to me also. You can send these files to <a href="mailto:chuck@voiceteach.com" target="_blank">chuck@voiceteach.com.</a></font></p><font face="Arial"><a href="mailto:chuck@voiceteach.com" target="_blank"></a><div></div></font><font face="Arial"></font>
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