voice power configure limited to 99 files

?I am setting up some of my favorite files. The files are on the network drives. I have used successfully the following: 1 “show my computer (I had to type that because voice power understands it as a command!)” comment 2) then I say “list 14” where 14 is the number for the network drive and 3) then I say “tag whatever number” I want. Then I get the menu where I give the folder rename, check the bookmarkbox and then hit the “create a tag” button.

My most important folder I want to get to is numbered 113. When I say “list 113” rather than get the menu to name the folder, it just puts “list 113” in the little box in the upper left-hand corner of the menu showing all the numbered folders.

What to do?



As you can see I love the smart quotes!

I meant to say “tag 113” and the “tag 113” in the upper left hand corner.


Am I correct in assuming that what you mean is that when you say "tag 113" what you get is "tag 113" in the search box in the upper left-hand corner of the VoicePower list dialog?

If so, this goes back to the fact that Dragon is not recognizing what you say as a VoicePower command so it is displaying the text in the search box.

As with any command, be careful that you don't pause when issuing the command. Even short pauses will cause Dragon to fail when it comes to executing commands. VoicePower commands are very reliable, but they still function according to the command vs. text distinction using Dragon NaturallySpeaking. If you're getting text in the search box, then Dragon is assuming that it's text.

When working with lists, don't issue the command to tag a file or folder by dictating the individual digits. While that works in most other cases, it doesn't work with lists. VoicePower is reliable when you dictate numbers normally. For example:

If you said "tag one one three" you will get in the search box.

When selecting numbers for tags in list dialogs, always use the format in which you would normally speak a number. For example:

"Tag 113" should be spoken as "tag one thirteen". If you get text displayed simply say "scratch that" which will and re-issue the command as "tag one thirteen".

As I said in my previous response, Dragon has always done funny things with certain numbers, but VoicePower responds most reliably to dictating numbers as you would normally say them. This is particularly true for multiple digit numbers (i.e., two digits and greater).