Voice Computer Tips

Here are a few tips that make my work with Dragon + Voice Computer a little easier.

  • Replace mouse click commands with shorter words. I use “tick” for left-click, and “dubbie” for right-click.
  • Lots of custom vocabulary and custom commands within Dragon.
  • Use a foot pedal set to left-click, double-click, and right-click. Two good models are the Kinesis Savant Elite 2 and the X-keys models.
  • Use a head-driven mouse. I use the HeadMouse Nano, which is terribly expensive. There are other options, like the Quha Zono.
  • If you need to write code, you will have additional challenges. I currently use a program that sits on top of Dragon’s voice-to-text engine, called Talon.
  • Regular backups of both my Dragon user profile and custom commands.