Voice computer light questions

I just downloaded voice compute lite for a 10 day trial and there are a couple things I haven’t figured out yet.

First of all I understand you can say intag off and all the intakes will turn off. I find that works on all the Intag except the ones on the taskbar. I cannot figure out how to make them disappear yet.

Second, I am wondering how I can adjust the amount of time that the voice computer main screen stays open. I am talking about when I say open voice computer and the screen comes up to restart different stuff the screen closes way too fast for me.

Third, I find that quite often when when I say open voice computer it will open up the screen and then voice computer and Dragon restarts. As far as I know I never told to do that.

If somebody could tell me how to correct these problems I would be really appreciated.
Thank you very much
Raymond Kelly

The default configuration keeps the Taskbar Intags on.
Say, “Configure VoiceComputer” to configure to “Toggle Intags on the Taskbar” to stay off except when you issue a command display them.

It’s supposed to stay open until you say ‘Cancel’ - How long is the screen staying open for you?

Haven’t seen this. Are you using the VC Microphone. (If the VC Mic is not correctly configured, it can pick up commands too easily (false positives).