Voice Computer Forum hands-free Authentication

When I attempt to log into the voice computer forum with Microsoft Internet Explorer (a completely hands-free exercise.) I cannot authenticate because Internet Explorer tells me “There is a problem with this form.”

The steps to duplicate this are (again all hands-free:)

  1. go to the voice computer for login page.
  2. issue the command show numbers and click on the corresponding number for the user id entry box.
  3. enter the user id.
  4. issue the command to tab to the password box.
  5. enter the password.
  6. issue the command to press enter key.

The result of this is a dialog box response that tells me “There is a problem with this form.” The problem is with the default setting for the radio button widget that acknowledges that you accept the terms of the forum. The diagnostic message reads “terms – You Must Accept the Forum Rules and Policies”.

I believe that this should be defaulted to the Yes radio button after you have agreed to the terms of the forum when you signed up. Moreover, when I issue the command “Show Numbers” for the browser, I cannot select the Yes radio button because the radio buttons are not assigned numbers through the “show numbers” command. So, without taking extraordinary measures to assign the Yes radio button a property that would make it clickable (for example create an overlay and assign a super number to it) I would be stuck and not able to get in to the forum.

The reason that I am posting this is because I have been diagnosed with ALS, and have been working feverishly to tackle voice computing to improve my computing proficiency before I have completely lost my right arm (left arm is now gone.)

Am I missing something here? Or is there a remedy on your end to address this? (is this a cookies issue?)

I believe that fixing these things would prove helpful to others who may be less resourceful than I am.

I have uploaded two supporting images.



First, not all objects in an application or on a webpage are accessible via Show Numbers/Display Numbers. There are instances where checkboxes, radio buttons, and text boxes are not accessible.

Second, sometimes this is based on what browser you’re using. For example, Chrome and Firefox provide some accessibility via RIA in DNS 12.5. However, even here there are limits.

Lastly, don’t forget that Dragon provide you with accessibility to checkboxes, radio buttons, and text boxes via its built-in numbering system. Display Numbers/Show Numbers cannot access some of these. However, Dragon can, in most cases, if you make sure that, in the Dragon Options dialog | Commands tab, you have a checkmark in the checkboxes for “Enable HTML support”, “Enable commands in HTML Windows”, and “Require “Click” to select hyperlinks in HTML Windows”. If those options are enabled (checked), then you can say “Click” followed by “text links”, “radio buttons”, “checkbox”. Just keep in mind that you can’t pause between “click” and the command itself. You must speak it continuously without pausing. However, if you do that, then Dragon will number the appropriate selection. You can then select one numbered option by simply saying the number. Take a look at the following screen capture.

Keep in mind that this only works in Internet Explorer. It does not work in Google Chrome or Firefox because this Dragon feature is not supported in either of those browsers, nor is it supported in any other browser. In addition, if you don’t get the numbers display as shown above, it means that you haven’t added any specific website (URL) to your trusted sites in Internet Explorer. That is, by default, any gif files that are used such as in the above screen capture, are automatically disabled and what you get is a box with “Choose #”. You can still select the number if you can read it, but adding a particular website to your trusted sites in Internet Explorer will properly display the Dragon numbering as shown.

One final point. All applications and logins that require acceptance of the terms and conditions are automatically displayed as “No” or “Decline”. That’s standard industry protocol. I appreciate your concern re: needing to be hands-free, but since you can accomplish what you need to accomplish as far as selecting the terms and conditions when logging in using either “Show Numbers/Display Numbers” or using the Dragon commands for HTML windows to number and select any of these items, I am of the opinion that we should keep the default settings as they are.Chucker2013-05-23 08:07:08


Thank you for this exceptionally well prepared and thought out response. This provides me a lot of insight into how web-enabled technology is managed through DNS and VC. I will be pouring over this post and following the pointers back into the two voice management systems to learn more about how this is managed.

On another note, I have requested a copy of the latest beta from Ron, and have also begun to explore Mouseless Firefox based upon an additional posting that I discovered in this forum.

The combination of these things should help me get to the next level I’m seeking to achieve. Thanks again for this post.