voice computer control center command

I searched the forum but could not find anything about this.

My microphone is working. After starting the computer, I give the “voice computer control center” command and it is not recognized. I made certain the voice computer microphone was active.

Thanks so much.


The VC Mic commands changed in the last release.

We just released a new version over the weekend that is cleaner and faster than ever. But, we will have a couple more releases in the next few weeks with further enhancements.

The commands to open the Control Center are now:

Control Center and VoiceComputer.

The VC Mic is not for the casual user! It will take you time to properly configure it. The Mic is not and cannot be an out-of-the-box, one-size-fits-all solution because we all have unique ways of speaking and use different microphones. If you wish to use this feature, you need to properly configure it, monitor it and reconfigure if it’s not working well.

If you want to use it, start by reading the Using the VC Microphone.pdf file in

And then practice and ask questions on the forum.

thanks again, Ron,

so if I’m reading your reply correctly it will open with either the command “control center” or "voice computer?

Yes. If properly configured.

the command center command worked. Cooking with gas.