Voice Computer compatibility and roadmap?

The folks at Nuance have emailed me pitching version 16 of Dragon, touting its compatibility with Windows 11. Nuance wants $350(!!) for this update, but given the incredibly poor quality of and its UI, I am skeptical that this improvement is worth what they’re asking – unless they have done a fundamental overhaul of the product.

@RonK: Could you give us an update on Voice Computer’s compatibility with this new version of Dragon, along with Windows 11, and advise if you have experimented with both?

The current version of VoiceComputer will probably work with Dragon 16… But, we haven’t started testing since the Dragon upgrade seems minor and some have had installation issues and we’d rather not waste time if it’s a buggy release.

We’ll be buying a copy this week and if we find that Dragon 16 is a worthwhile upgrade we’ll release a preliminary release at the beginning of April.

We have been using VoiceComputer with Windows 11 since the day Windows 11 was released to the public with no significant problems encountered.