Voice Compute Quits on a 4K Screen

Voice Computer quits when using an overlay on a 4K screen
Philips BDM4350UC 43-Inch Monitor, 4K 3840 x 2160 Resolution

update: it looks like it will work with Firefox but not with Google Chrome.

Phil Schaadt

phils2016-05-20 12:26:55


<p>I'm familiar with the display that you're using, but it comes in both TV and monitor form. Unfortunately, we can't duplicate your problem because we don't have one of those monitors and it would be prohibitively expensive just for testing this issue.</p>

<p>Therefore, can you provide me/us with a little more detail.</p>

<font face="Arial"><p>1.  How do you have it set up (i.e., DVI, HDMI, etc.)?</p>

<p>2.  Can you send me to my email address (chuck@VoiceTeach.com) a screen capture of what happens?</p>

</font><p>My suspicion is that it's a resolution issue. I have a 29 inch PC monitor with<font face="Arial"> </font>2560x1980 resolution, which doesn't seem to have any problems with My InTags (overlays).</p>

<p>Will try to work with you, but we need more specifics.</p>

I’m using display port 1.1

there seem to be at least two separate problems.
First is the problem with Google Chrome. I rarely use Google Chrome but I did have a VoicePower extension enabled and when I turned that off I had fewer but not zero problems.

The second problem is that I use four screens and if I moved a window across the overlay on the high resolution monitor, which I have set as my main screen, it occasionally causes VoiceComputer to quit.

What that means is that the overlay disappears and the VP.exe no longer shows in Task Manager.

I reset my system to three screens and recalibrated VoicePower for the three screens. So far today, things seem to be working but I will give you an update later in the week…

Phil Schaadt


The problem may have to do with multiple monitors given your post above.

Let us know if the changes that you made continue to work properly.